P.K.’s (Purple Knights Pizza) Beef Dip & Small Garden Salad

Purple Knights Pizza right across from Saint Michael’s College in Colchester Vermont. Purple Knights is a Pizzeria but they also have great salads and sandwiches. I ordered a small beef dip known elsewhere as a french dip, and a small garden salad.

Purple Knights (PK’s) “small” Beef Dip with Aus Jus and Horsey Mayo

The roll is freshly made on-site, and is actually garlic bread. I ordered my “dip” with added Swiss cheese. The roast beef was still slightly pink and tasted great. The Aus Jus is properly salty and beefy. The “horsey” mayo (horseradish mayo) side is tasty , but is superfluous IMO.

PK’s (Purple Knight’s) Beef Dip with Aus Jus and Horsey Mayo, Bites removed :)
Beef Dip with bites…

PKs Small Garden Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
The salad contains green pepper, red onion, radish, carrot, tomato, cucumber, and a mix of mesclun greens and romaine lettuce.

 While the variety of the vegetation is nice, what is more impressive is the in-house balsamic dressing. It is nicely emulsified (how it’s emulsified I’m not sure), and has a perfect acid / oil mix. The dressing makes this salad.

They two items came to just under 8 dollars, a nice round tasty meal. I love PK’s take on the beef (french) dip and the garden salad with balsamic.


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