Waf’s Westside Deli’s “Moroccan Chicken Pita Wrap”

Waf’s Westside Deli, is a family-owned Deli in Winooski Vermont. Waf and family are always super friendly, however I would strongly recommend ordering ahead if you’re in a hurry, as they do get busy. Their number is 802-655-0290. I ordered the “Moroccan Chicken Pita Wrap” Which is described on their menu as “Savory spiced chicken breast with hummus, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes and olives”.

Waf’s Westside Deli “Morracan Chicken Pita Wrap”

I chose the wheat Pita to make this a fairly healthy choice. Waf’s cooks everything in an oven, so the fresh pita is slightly toasted. The chicken slices are seasoned, and the hummus is slightly garlicky and smoothly textured (yum). Waf’s has a few yummy Mediterranean sandwiches, this one was $6.98. 


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3 Responses to “Waf’s Westside Deli’s “Moroccan Chicken Pita Wrap””

  1. pdtnc Says:

    looks good 🙂

  2. jane motley Says:

    Please send me the recipe for the moroccan chicken pita wrap. my family would really love it!


  3. eli Says:

    i’d eat that!

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