Tommy’s City Grill “Philly Cheese Steak”

I love “Philly’s” AKA Cheese Steaks, not to be confused with the incorrect name “steak and cheese”. I have been on a bit of a mission to find the best “Philly” around town and I think I found it at Tommy’s City Grill in South Burlington, Vermont.

Tommy’s City Grill “Philly Cheese Steak”
I ordered a 12″ Philly, by default is comes with sauteed onions, green peppers, and pricey red peppers. I also added mushrooms to mine; the house mushrooms at Tommy’s are shitacki!

Tommy’s City Grill Philly Cheese Steak underside 2
The steak is nice and tender, no chewy gristle. American cheese shines in this sandwich, layered between the toasted roll and the steak and sauteed peppers and onions, the cheese flows through all of these elements.

Tommy’s City Grill Philly Cheese Steak underside
Also of importance is the roll, if you’ve ever had an “authentic” Philly, you’ll recognize the roll. Long, fairly narrow, with cornmeal on the bottom, the last two photos are of the bottom of the Philly. The roll is coated with oil or butter and toasted on the grill, giving it a slight crunch adding to the delicious texture. While the peppers and mushrooms may not be authentic, they add to this sandwich, it’s like having a slightly different sandwich with every bite combination.

The chef at Tommy’s City Grill went to school at NECI which may have a little something to do with this inspired sandwich. The 12″ is normally $8.75, with mushrooms added it’s just over $9.


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5 Responses to “Tommy’s City Grill “Philly Cheese Steak””

  1. jude Says:

    that looks disgusting! that is NOT a cheesesteak!! come to philly and get a REAL cheesesteak and not crap from vermont.

  2. fahira idris Says:

    wow.. looking at Tomy’s City Grill “Philly Cheese Steak” really makes me wanna have them for sahur…!! 🙂

    where’s the restaurant…?

  3. whats4lunch Says:

    Fahira, there is a google map link in the first paragraph.

  4. ben Says:

    ur moms disgusting

  5. toney Says:

    yeah anything that has to call it self a “philly cheesesteak” is most deffinatley not gonna taste like one when philly needs maple syrup we will give vermont a call ……………………….

    ps .go to pats

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