Sugarsnap “Green Mountain Turkey Sandwich, Jeruselum Artichoke and Parsnip Soup, Baklava”

There is something nice about being able to eat food that was harvested near by, it tends to be much fresher and tastier. Sugarsnap is all about local from scratch food. In fact they have their own garden plot in the Intervale down the road. When I’m thinking “whats 4 lunch?” I take a look at their specials page, which is updated daily.
Sugarsnap, Green Mountain Turkey Sandwich.
“Green Mountain Turkey Sandwich” is Red Hen Bakery crusty baguette, smoked turkey, fresh pesto, sun dried cranberries, provolone cheese.

This is one of my favorite sandwiches, the bread may be on of the few things that is not made on site, but it’s still local and perfectly crusty, but not so chewy that you have to gnaw on the bread to get a bite. The pesto is fresh and is spread on both sides of the bread. The turkey has nice texture and smokiness. The cranberries appear to be freshly dried, they could be local. The sweetness of the cranberries and sweetness of the basil, compliment the smokiness of the turkey, and finally the saltiness of the Parmesan in the pesto rounds out the flavors. There is nothing I would change about this sandwich.

Sugarsnap, Jeruselum Artichoke and Parsnip Soup
Sugarsnap “Jeruselum artichoke and parsnip soup” (with complimentary bread) This picture is not a good one, the soup has great texture (its been through a food processor).

Sugarsnap has consistently great soup, and I didn’t really know what a “jeruselum artichoke” is. Doing some quick googling, I found that its the tuber of a kind of sunflower, AKA sunchoke. Parsnip, which I had at least heard of, is another root vegetable. The soup was creamy and had nice texture, like most root-based soup the flavor was a little too subtle for my taste, I think I should have added a little pepper.

Sugarsnap, Baklava
Sugarsnap “Baklava” – phyllo dough, chopped nuts, honey.

As advertised on the placard next to the tray in Sugarsnap, this is best Baklava. In fact, it’s the best I’ve every had. Let me explain. Baklava is a traditional Greek / Turkish desert. Normally when I’ve had it, the bottom layer is oily, there is no separation in the phyllo dough and it may be overly sweet. With Sugarsnap’s rendition even the bottom layers of the phyllo dough were still flaky, eat bit had a satisfactory “crisp” sound when biting into it, the nut layer was nicely delineated, and the taste of honey drizzled on top came through perfectly, without being overly sweet.

The sandwich was $6.25, the cup of soup is $2.50 and the Baklava was $1.75.


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