Sneakers, “Crab Cake Benedict with side of Grits”

Sneakers in downtown Winooksi Vermont is known for their great breakfast. I personally love their specials known as “Jump Starts” in their basketball-themed menu. This  last Sunday, I didn’t see any specials that I would care for so I ordered the Crab Cake Benedict off the menu.

Sneakers, Crab Cake Benedict
Hollandaise sauce, poached egg, crab and shrimp cake, fresh spinach, fresh tomato, english muffin (x2) with a side of grits.

This is a dish where it’s clear that all of the items are meant to be eaten together. The hollandaise and egg yolk from the poached eggs permeated everything, and nothing is too firm, so it very easy to get a nice forkful of all the ingredients.  The crab and shrimp cakes are nicely browned and meat / breading ratio is good (mostly meat). Suprisingly this dish isn’t a rich as it may look, I wish the picture was a little more infocus.

Grits; sneakers introduced me to grits, and I’ve become a convert, ordering grits instead of the good home fries. Grits are a corn based hot cereal, it took me a long time to figure out what my favorite topping for grits are. Cheese isn’t bad, but I perfer mine with rasberry jam, the texture is very similar. A note of caution on grits, they hold heat very well in this bowl it’s very easy to burn your mouth unless you’re careful, or eat them after you main dish like I did. But cold grits are no good as the nice “gritty” texture turns to rubber when cool.

Oddly one of the poached eggs was hardboiled, I’ve ordered this a few times and this is the first time, there’s been anything to quibble over. This dish is $10.50 before tax.


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