Shopping Bag Inc’s, “Sczibek Sizzler”

I was going to get a cheese steak from V.T. Famous Philly Cheese Steak in Burlington Vermont’s ONE, but they were closed today. So instead I went up the  (north) street to Shopping Bag Inc a grocery/ convenience store, that also sports a grill. 

Brown Bag Inc’s, Grill
Shopping Bag Inc’s Grill

You need to see the cashier after deciding what to order, after paying you give the scrap of paper with your order to the grill cook. I decided to go with the “Sczikek Sizzler” and small fry.

Shopping Bag Inc, Sczibek Sizzler and small fry
Shopping Bag Inc’s – Sczibek Sizzler – half pound burger (fresh), toasted sesame bun, dill pickles, bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato, Montreal seasoning, American cheese, mustard, ketchup and mayo. (and small fry).

Yes it does look like the burger might eat the small fry… this is a massive burger. The cook (who may be Sczibek’s name sake) asked me “if I had the rest of the day off?” I started asking him why (fearing that preparation of the burger would exceed my lunch break). He then informed me that “I would need to take a nap after eating this”, you too now have been fore-warned.  This burger is a guilty-pleasure, nice alternative to fast food. The Montreal steak seasoning was a good choice, however the burger was a little over salted for my taste but the mix of flavors and the freshness of the ingredients kept me interested until the end of the huge burger.

The fries were not so good, over salted and the oil tasted like it hadn’t been changed recently, which CAN be a good thing, but wasn’t in this case.  The burger was a very reasonable ~$5 with tax and the small fries ~$1.65


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5 Responses to “Shopping Bag Inc’s, “Sczibek Sizzler””

  1. Anne Says:

    Thank you mystery lunch eater! My husband and I are in Winooski, often wondering what to get for lunch….thanks for the descriptions and photos. I am going to try some new places based on your writing.
    We are fans of Juniors, large cheese well done, chicken caesar wraps from Purple Knight, and the Med wrap at Waf’s.
    In particular, thanks for the links to the eateries.

  2. Whitey Whiteness Says:

    The Sczibek Sizzler is the best deal in town. Nothing like calling ahead and placing my $5 order. I get in, get out, and enjoy my Sizzlah. Highly recommended is an understatement.

  3. Ric Tile Says:

    This is my favorite burger in the world…it’s actually named for a Burlington police officer who used to walk the beat in the Old North End as I understand it…

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