Wings Over Burlington, “Red Alert & Teriyaki wings”

Wings Over Burlington, is the newest franchisee in the Wings Over chain. They are located in the “Blue Mall” across from the University Mall in Burlington Vermont. I’ve been keeping my eyes open to find a chicken wing joint that would replace the quality once found at the now defunct Bandit’s Wings.

Wings Over Burlington
Wings Over Burlington – Stepping up to the menu

The interior is very clean featuring diamond-plate on the walls, silver metal chairs, silver metal tables, (as well as high-def TVs). It’s like a sports bar feel with no booze, and less kitsch (sublte airplane interior). What is a little kitschy is the airplane themed menu. I ordered the “puddle jumper” which is 10 wings.

Wings Over Burlington, Red Alert and teriyaki wings
Wings Over Burlington – Red Alert (hot) and teriyaki wings

As seen in the picture, cool metal table, all-important paper towel roll, side of celery, and interestingly there is an option to order two flavors at once (5 each). The red alert sauce is good, medium spicy, tastes like standard Frank’s Red Hot with more of a tomato sauce base. The teriyaki sauce was little bland, but this may be in part due to eating the “red alert” hot wings first. The wings were a little crispy, but failed the #1 rule of wings… chicken fat must be fully rendered. So despite the favorable hot sauce, I didn’t care for these wings. It’s disappointing that a wing “specialist” would under-cook their wings, my office-mate confirmed his wings were cooked even less than mine (no crispness).

This may be opening week jitters, so I may give them a second chance in the future. The “puddle jumper” 10 wings, was ~$7.50 with tax.


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6 Responses to “Wings Over Burlington, “Red Alert & Teriyaki wings””

  1. Mike Says:

    This is a shame. Not only are the wings poorly prepared, but the price is too high. 75 cents per wing is too much, especially for a place that specializes in wings and should order wings in such quantity that they can reduce their price and still have a decent markup. 25 cent wings are the gold standard. The smart move, at least from a customer standpoint, is to offer 25 cent wings to bring in customers and then charge a higher markup on the side dishes and beverages. RJ’s gives wings away for free every week, you’ve got to be able to compete with that. Fancy pants “gourmet” wings for 75 cents a piece is not how to do it.

  2. Bethany Says:

    I think in a market with the competition around them, their pricing is right on the ball. They are competing with places more like pizza joints than wing joints. They offer a lunch special where you get half a pound of chicken tenders, fries & a soda for $6.49, which is comparable to any other lunch you would find in the area. I think their major downfall is that they have reduced their lunch hours now and are mainly open for dinner. However, they are very smart to stay open until 3AM with delivery service! After a few beers I was very excited to find out from a friend that I could order from them at 1:30AM.

  3. Mike Says:

    Delivery until 3AM? Now that is a good selling point. I’ll have to make a note of that.

  4. Tyler Says:

    They are known for their boneless wings. That is what separates them from the rest. The boneless are mighty tasty.

  5. The Dukes Says:

    Not familiar with this franchise, but I know the original in Amherst, MA quite well. Their flagship dish is the boneless wing, featuring high quality chicken. Their traditional wings are also quite meaty and succulent, real pieces of meat, not the ting bony things you find at hooters, with an emphasis on quality not quantity.

    You need to compare the price by the pound, not by the wing.

    I hope to go to Burlington in February, now that I know this place is open, I definitely want to try it out.

    My experience with the franchises is that they skimp on the amount of sauce, and don’t have fresh blue cheese dressing, but rather have prepackaged stuff.

  6. supa sucka Says:

    i don’t care what anybody else says. The wings in Springfield has easily the best wings in the country. wait not the country the world. theirs no competition they are the best and they always will be.
    thank you

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