Cheese Traders, “Brie & Bread”

Once every couple of months I like to make my way over to Cheese Traders on Williston road in South Burlington Vermont.  They have a tremendous selection of often inexpensive cheese, and a huge wine room down stairs, as well as many interesting snacks or cooking items.

 Cheese Traders
Cheese Traders – Right next to the Alpine Shop on Williston Road

Cheese Traders, Cheese Shelf
Cheese Traders – Cheese Shelf, this is about 1/2 the selection of cheese they have, at the end of the row, there is a sample counter where you usually can sample 4 cheeses or sauces that they’re selling that day.

Cheese Traders, Brie and Bread
Cheese Traders – Brie and Bread

For lunch I grabbed half a loaf of fresh, slightly crusty (when I go back I’ll get the name of the bakery) wonderful bread. I also grabbed some fromage d affinois Brie, there is a nice write-up here about the cheese. I learned something new about Brie when looking up this cheese online, there are three main varieties: Brie, double cream Brie, triple cream (Brillat Savarin) Brie. These three classifications, refer to the cream content of the cheese, nice write-up about it here.

The fromage d affinois was a little rich for my taste, I think I prefer single cream Brie. The bread was excellent I tore off hunks to spread the Brie on, and the rest of the bread was good the next day in the toaster. Both the bread and cheese came to under $6, and there was plenty left over for the next day(s).


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One Response to “Cheese Traders, “Brie & Bread””

  1. Dan Says:

    Sounds cheesey.


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