Waf’s Westside Deli, “Pastrami Sub”

I recently discovered that I like pastrami, specifically lean pastrami. Subway has a pastrami sandwich, and I heard that the Oasis Diner in Burlington Vermont is going to be converted into a Jewish deli, so I’m looking forward to getting an authentic pastrami on rye. Waf’s Westside Deli also does a pastrami sub.

Waf’s Westside Deli
Waf’s Westside Deli, Winooski Vermont

Waf’s Westside Deli, Box
Waf’s Westside Deli, Box

Why do I have a picture of a Styrofoam box? I believe Waf and crew put the four “custom” knife holes in the box, this serves to let some steam out, but keep the oven-heated sandwich crisp and hot. Nice attention to detail of how the sandwich will hold up as take-out.

Waf’s Westside Deli, Pastrami Sub
Waf’s Westside Deli, Pastrami Sub – Lean Pastrami, onions, lettuce, tomato, melted provolone, spicy mustard (AKA “the works” when you call in an order)

The pastrami is lean, the roll is crisp, and the lettuce also provides a nice crunch. The combination of mustard and the spiced meat, kind of reminds me of a hot-dog. I think next time I may take Subway’s cue and order this sandwich with pickles. As I mentioned in an earlier post, be sure to order in advance. The large sub is $7.66 before tax.


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