Donny’s “Sausage Pizza”

Donny’s New York Pizza is the first stop into Winooski Vermont over the bridge from Burlington. Last week there was pizza ordered for our office. (Disclaimer: as noted in my “About” section I shoot pictures with my cell phone, I find the best luck with natural light, this pizza pictures have washed-out color due to the office lighting).

Donny’s New York Pizza - Sausage Pizza
Donny’s New York Pizza – Sausage Pizza

Donny’s pizza passes the chewy and crispy litmus test, and the sauce has a nice sweet rich tomato flavor. The sausage has a little kick of heat and great texture. The sausage appears to be “loose”, versus sausage from a casing, the resulting texture is a nice contrast against the mozzarella. I usually stay away from sausage on pizza, but Donny’s selected the perfect sausage.

Donny’s - Sausage Pizza (detail)
Donny’s – Sausage Pizza (slice)

Also of note in this Greek-owned Pizzeria is the Sicilian pizza (yummy), I’ll have to report on that during a future lunch. Donny’s is a little less expensive than Junior’s.


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2 Responses to “Donny’s “Sausage Pizza””

  1. Bonnie Says:

    I really enjoy your food adventures. I immediately called my daughter about the fish taco sauce. We’re both cooks and neither of us had heard of adding a liquid smoke to mayo plus some lemon juice. My daughter is so on it! She said she’d report back to me later on today to tell me what she thought. See? What you eat helps with what we all eat!

  2. whats4lunch Says:

    After seeing this gadget on Top Chef, I wonder which method B.C.R. uses on their mayo

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