Sugarsnap – “Cream of Mushroom and Fennel Soup”

With my Dino’s Pizza Roll I also decided to get a cup of soup from Sugarsnap.

Sugarsnap - Cream of Mushroom and Fennel
Sugarsnap – Cream of Mushroom and Fennel Soup

I don’t think I like bisque or other soups that are food processed down to one consistency (with a few exceptions like squash). While the initial taste and texture is nice, I get bored as the consistancy and taste doesn’t change while eating the soup. This soup had a nice weight to it, without being overly rich, the mushroom / cream flavor was slightly sour to my taste. The two pieces of included bread added to the enjoyment of this soup.

$2.78 with tax, it’s hard to beat the quality of the soup at Sugarsnap, even if I don’t always care for the flavor combination.


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