Marco’s Pizza – “Two Slice Special”

Marco’s Pizza is next to the Blockbuster on Williston Road in South Burlington Vermont.

 Marco’s Pizza - South Burlington Vermont
Marco’s Pizza – South Burlington Vermont

Marco’s is a great “Pizza and a Movie” place, I like to order my food and then go into Blockbuster to pick out the DVD, finally pick up the food at Marco’s. As far as lunch goes, they have a great pizza special that is hard to beat.

Marco’s Pizza - Garlic Slice and Pepperoni Slice
Marco’s Pizza – Garlic Slice and Pepperoni Slice

So two slices, one 16oz fountain drink… $4.25 with tax. This a very inexpensive satisfying lunch, a good way to balance  more extravagant lunch excursions.  The sauce is awesome, a nice balance of sweet and acid, there is also a rich tomato flavor. The mozzarella had good flavor and consistency. The crust however was slightly lacking, the garlic slice was mostly crispy and chewy, but the pepperoni slice was under-cooked. The pizza was still definitely edible as the crust is very thin, so it’s not gummy. 

If you love garlic, the garlic slice is for you. Multiple cloves of fresh garlic are served chopped on the slice. Enough garlic to keep away any vampires, and probably coworkers. The pepperoni is your average greasy goodness. Other than the phenomenally cheap pizza special, Marco’s pasta is good (again great sauce), and they make their own ciabatta bread.

Marco’s Pizza - Ciabatta Bread Rack
Marco’s Pizza – Ciabatta Bread Rack

The ciabatta bread rack is a cool thing to see as you walk in, it adds to the ambiance of Marco’s. Fresh ciabatta bread and good sauce, mean that subs are excellent here. Marco’s a nice, inexpenisive place for lunch.


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