Sadie Katz Deli – “Lean Pastrami Sandwich” & “Matzo Ball Soup”

You’re traveling through a desert of white, hungry you see an Oasis:

Sadie Katz Deli - Burlington Vermont
Sadie Katz Deli – Burlington Vermont

But this Oasis is a mirage, this is no diner it’s a Jewish Deli! Yes the owner of the Three Needs Brewery & Taproom recently purchased the Oasis Diner and turned it into the Sadie Katz Deli. A little taste of NYC here in BVT.

Sadie Katz Deli - Lean Pastrami Sandwich
Sadie Katz Deli – Lean Pastrami Sandwich

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a new taste for lean pastrami so I opted for this sandwich (there is also “fat” or normal pastrami available). After my order was taken at the counter the pastrami was sliced fresh right in front of me, behind the counter. The meat was weighed on scale and put between some sourdough (I forgot to ask for rye), with Swiss, and mustard. The pastrami doesn’t have any of the normal peppered edges that I associate with pastrami I’ve eaten before, but the meat is wonderfully tender and has a nice light spice to it. The meat was warm and piled high, which worked nicely with the cheese / mustard. The thing I would change about this sandwich is I think I’ll ask for mustard on both sides of the bread, or maybe just “extra mustard” when I order again (soon).

Also included with the sandwich was a nice “Kosher pickle” and the choice of coleslaw or potato salad. I chose the potato salad and its excellent, it has some chopped green pepper, and sweet pickle. The pickle was great, a little unnervingly sweet, nice acid and crisp crunch.

Sadie Katz Deli - Matzo Ball Soup
Sadie Katz Deli – Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo ball soup is made from Matza crackers, similar to dumpling soup. Sadie Katz’s version has the requisite carrots, celery, and onions and also adds chicken. There were some herbs visible in the Matzo balls, and I thought I tasted some dill. The soup was also yummy, but I wish I had known it had chicken in it as the addition of poultry makes this a hearty dish I would have ordered another time.

The lean pastrami sandwich with sides was $8.50 pre-tax. I believe the small Matzo Ball soup was $3.50 pre-tax.


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7 Responses to “Sadie Katz Deli – “Lean Pastrami Sandwich” & “Matzo Ball Soup””

  1. Sam & Alan Friedman, BVT Says:

    Glen’s restaurant is a delight. It is a joy to see people flocking there and smiling all the while. In a few short weeks, we’ve already turned into regulars. Burlington has this missing link at last, thanks to his creativity and endeavors, and the staff’s constant hard work. Kudos to everyone there!

  2. angela Says:

    to Nick’s Guide–

    in a real Jewish deli one would NEVER put cheese on a pastrami (or any other meat) sandwich. try it the authentic way next time.

  3. Andy Rubin Says:

    Number one – there is no such thing as a lean pastrami sandwich. that’s like ordering pizza without the sauce. The spices need to be there. You can not be Jewish and order a lean pastrami sanwich.
    You maybe in good health but not Jewish.
    Number two – try the pastrami and swiss omlette. THE BEST OMLETTE. In addition as a side we had a potatoe latka. Who knew thery know latkas in Burlington.
    Number three – now I know I could die in Burlington. My family can have Sadie Katz cater the shivha.

    Peace and Happy Passover

    PS – how’s the Matzoh Braie?

  4. Mike Edmonds Says:

    Lean pastrami is a great idea! As long as the meat is soaked in the brine and has the spices, then it’s the same; just not a heart attack special!
    I’d love to go there!

  5. phill Says:

    carrots are gggggrrrrooooossss in matzo ball soup

  6. whats4lunch Says:

    This Sunday is the last day they’re going to be open…

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