Asian Bistro – “General Tso’s Chicken” & “Yellowtail Hamachi Sushi”

Asian Bistro in Williston Vermont (also soon to be Winooski location) is known for their “high end” Chinese food.

Asian Bistro - Williston Vermont
Asian Bistro – Williston Vermont

Asian Bistro - Williston Vermont (interior)
Asian Bistro – Williston Vermont (interior)

Cloth napkins and Chinese food, are kind of an odd combination, but they manage to pull it off. In addition to their tradition Chinese food dishes, they also have some great Sushi, and so Thai menu options (I haven’t tried their Thai food).

Asian Bistro - General Tso’s Chicken
Asian Bistro – General Tso’s Chicken

The presentation of the Chinese food is surprisingly nice, whole chili peppers, and elegant lengths of celery are used. The General’s chicken is nice crispy, and the sauce was nice, not overly sweet… but as usual with Chinese food a little bland. I forgot to order my food “hot”.

Asian Bistro - Yellow Tail Hamachi (sushi).
Asian Bistro – Yellowtail Hamachi (sushi)

I also ordered some Sushi, Yellowtail Hamachi is a close relative to tuna, and very tasty. I recommend the Sushi at Asian Bistro (they have a sushi bar), although I’m not a raw fish expert.

The General Tso’s Chicken was $11.50 and the Yellowtail Hamachi Sushi was $5.00. During the week, there are some Chinese food specials.


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2 Responses to “Asian Bistro – “General Tso’s Chicken” & “Yellowtail Hamachi Sushi””

  1. Mike Says:

    It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who makes sure to always order the spicy food on the Chinese menus. Otherwise it’s extra bland when eating leftovers the next day!

  2. tamekia Says:

    that looks good

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