Cafe Mediterano – “Cevapi & Baklava”

Near 5 corners in Essex Vermont is Cafe Mediterano.

 Cafe Mediterano - Essex Vermont
Cafe Mediterano – Essex Vermont

Cafe Mediterano has great gyros, and a traditional gyro meat roaster. I highly recommend them. This time around I ordered their Friday / Saturday special of cevapi.

Cafe Mediterano - Cevapi
Cafe Mediterano – Cevapi

I had no idea what cevapi is, but it’s apparently it’s a type of Balkan sausage. It comes with a side of chopped onions and what may be kaymak which tastes like a salty fresh cream cheese. Vermont does have a decent sized Bosnian population, and I’m guessing cevapi and it’s big brother which is also on the menu “sis cevapi” are popular. Cevapi is served on a large house made roll there are 10 of the cevapis that come on in the sandwich. I kept the foil wrapped around it while I ate, to prevent the meat from spilling out.

It’s cool to eat what I’m picturing as “Bosnian fast food”, but I find the cevapi to be a little bland, compared to the gyros at Cafe Meditero. Also I’m guessing cevapi isn’t terribly healthy and I’d rather eat a gyro if I’m going to eat something unhealthy.

To me “Mediterano” has connotations of Greek food, and they do have many Greek items, I tried their Baklava for desert.

Cafe Mediterano - Baklava
Cafe Mediterano – Baklava

This is the second time I ordered the baklava, the first time there was too my syrup in my piece and was thus too sweet for my taste. This time looking at the baklava tray, I noticed some “dry” baklava (not sitting in a pool of syrup), so I took a chance. This drier baklava was much better, than my previous piece, nice separation of phyllo dough layers, and chunks of nuts. What’s missing is the flavor of honey, a la Sugarsnap’s version, and I would still like the baklava to be a little drier. However Cafe Mediterano does have baklava has on a regular basis, and Sugarsnap’s was just a special of the day.

Cafe Mediterano also has intriguing-looking European food and snacks for purchase.

The cevapi was $7.99 and worth the experience, and the baklava was a little spendy at $2.49 (both pre-tax). Until the summer they’re closed on Mondays.


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One Response to “Cafe Mediterano – “Cevapi & Baklava””

  1. Michael Says:

    First off, I love this blog…good place to get recommendations for lunch.
    Second, this place is GREAT. Cafe Mediterano serves the best gyro and baklava around here…I would recommend it to ANYONE.

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