TJ’s Dawg House’s – New House

T.J.\'s Dawg House - Williston Vermont
T.J.’s Dawg House – Williston Vermont

A sure sign of spring, T.J. is back at his usual spot slinging hotdogs (dawgs). He now has a swanky new house, and same great dawgs. I like how T.J. Dawg House, is now a house instead of a cart; the name is just more authentic now.


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7 Responses to “TJ’s Dawg House’s – New House”

  1. Dan Montanari Says:

    ok. there ya go. one half-assed post about hot dogs. i want one on big fattys. the pub. flatbread. come on!

  2. Dan Montanari Says:

    god…i wish there were more posts. i mean, i know what a hot dog tastes like…salty meat stick in bread. i need more quality from this blog or im gonna cancel my subscription. what gives?


  3. Jay Says:

    I think a new vietnamese restaurant just opened next to the laundrymat (a word?) on n. winooski. You should check it out.

  4. Cheech Says:

    Yo Dan – Have you tried Gourmet Magazines Best Tasting Hot Dog in the whole United States (research the August 2006 issue) It’s not just a salty meat stick in bread…it’s more like a freaking steak on a bun which by the way are sold in Chicago grocery Stores at $6.29 cents a pound…I don’t even buy steaks at Shaw’s for that price!! So come on down and introduce yourself and I’ll set you up with a free Dawg…perhaps we can change your mind on what a “Real Deal Dawg” is all about?? I won’t even think twice about charging you for the $325 dollars I paid to ship them to Vermont cause I kinda like being the only guy in New England selling Vienna Beef…checkout the locator list.
    Now your guys on Church St and over at the Home Depot are selling the Salty meat Stick seeing how Hebrew National once taken over by Conagra Foods stuffs there dogs with a soy filler…Vienna…100% Beef!!!

    And Nick…Dude…Thanks for the write up…my first time seeing it…stop by and I’ll set you up with my new West Virginia Slaw dog…Delicious Dude!! Chili and Cole Slaw then throw some Horse Radish Mustard on there with those Chicago Sport Peppers…a freaking bomb dude…I’m losing money selling that dog…but that’s what a pay it forward business is all about!!

    Thanks again Nick

    Thanks again Nick!

  5. Todd C. Says:

    TJ’s Dawgs are pretty damn good. I usually stop in for a meal 3 times a week and I’m still not sick of the taste; they are good. I can’t figure out how he makes money, given what little he charges for ’em. If these meat sticks are bad for ya, I’m in trouble.

  6. Deborah Miscenko Says:

    TJ’s Dawgs are great and the sausage and onions well they are fantastic better than the county fair done perfectly with the taste is in your food nor over done , burned or under done like at te fair. This was my first time eating at TJ’s Dawgs and I was weary about tying here but I’m glad I did what a FANTASTIC place to eat, it’s a friendly place with your food served with a smile and a friendly hello. good music, clean, convient, and good quality food. seating outside. Come on folks wat more could you want, so please do drop in and see for yourselves you won’t be dissapointed. Always a place that treats you like family….. So come on in and sit a spell, enjoy. And remember te prices are great. So what ya got to loose. Choose TJ’s Dawgs. I will always be a supporting customer .

  7. Troy Allen Says:

    Do you think a mobile espresso would work?

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