Euro Corner – “Sopressata Sandwich”

Euro Corner - Burlington Vermont
Euro Corner – Burlington Vermont

Euro Corner is located on Main St in Burlington Vermont; it’s the next place up from Big Fatty’s BBQ. Now that the weather is warmer there are people sitting at the outside tables. The owners are Bosnian so I’m guessing some of the people sitting outside are Bosnian also. They’re smoking cigarettes and drinking esspresso, it kind of reminds me of the exterior of Satriale’s Pork Store from the Soprano’s.

Euro Corner - Sopressata Sandwich
Euro Corner – Sopressata Sandwich

Just like the other Bosnian owned restaurant the round rolls freshly baked I believe in Winooski Vermont, and there are some interesting European food stuffs to try. Sopressata is Italian air-cured salami. Sopressata might as well be Italian for “awesome”, this sandwich makes me re-think salami.

The salami and cheese are first toasted with the roll similar to heated pepperoni on pizza, this makes the flavor change in the salami. The salami reminds a little of pepperoni as it’s a little spicy, but there is much less grease and more depth of flavor. The roll is crispy and there is mayo, kajmak, red pepper brushetta. Finally it’s finished of with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. This sandwich is chewy, crispy, cool, hot, spicy, it’s all there.

This delicious Euro sandwich was $7.49 pre-tax for a large.


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