Big Fatty’s – Ribs, Mac & Cheese, Peanut Butter Cookie

Big Fatty’s BBQ – Quarter Rack of Ribs

So how are the ribs at Burlington Vermont’s ONLY BBQ joint? This Main street’s eatery’s beef ribs are great (most of the time). 2 out of the 3 times I’ve had the ribs they’ve been great, super-tender, meaty, and great BBQ flavor. The odd time out, the ribs were too dry. The house maple-bourbon BBQ sauce is killer, these ribs don’t need much of it.

Big Fatty\'s BBQ - Mac and Cheese
Big Fatty’s BBQ – Mac and Cheese

So on my last write-up of Big Fatty’s I was searching for an alternative side dish. The mac and cheese is good, there is a nice amount of stringy / melted cheese. Sharp cheese is a must for me with mac and cheese, but a couple hits of the BBQ sauce the mac and cheese was back in the game.

Big Fatty\'s BBQ - Peanutbutter Cookie
Big Fatty’s BBQ – Peanutbutter Cookie

Who knew you had to go to a BBQ joint to get a monster awesome peanut butter cookie? Copious amounts of peanut butter flavor, it took me a couple rounds to kill this delicious beast once I got back to the office (and no I did not order the mac and cheese and gi-nourmus cookie the same day).

The 1/4 rack was $10.75, mac & cheese $2.25, and “Big Fatty Cookie” $2.50 all pre-tax and all worth-it. On my “to eat” list is their Wednesday-only special of “Texas brisket”.


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