Skinny Pancake – Crêpe Cake, Smoothie

Skinny Pancake – Burlington Vermont

Skinny pancake is on the corner of Lake St and College St in Burlington Vermont. Skinny Pancake is a funny euphemism for Crêpes. Crêpes make me think of the handful of times I’ve had them growing up with mixed results. Mostly they’ve been sweet (too sweet for my taste), so with my personal prejudice in mind I stepped up to the (crêpe) plate.

Skinny Pancake - Crepe Pie
Skinny Pancake – Crepe Pie

This crepe pie is wild mushroom and chicken in herbs, in six crêpe layers with Mornay sauce(a light cheese / cream sauce). It is accompanied by a nice mescun side salad with phenomenal pesto vinaigrette. The cake was delicious and maybe a tad steep at $9, but the ingredients are good AND local.

Skinny Pankcake - \
Skinny Pankcake – “Red, White and Blue Smoothie”

Blueberries, cherries and a few other ingredients make this tasty healthful treat. Not since Liquid Energy Cafe (I miss you!) have I had such a good smoothie. This fruit smoothie makes me want to go buy a blender, especially since this frozen fruit ice bath is $4.50. This smoothie has the correct ratio of frozen content, there is one thickness, not a pool of liquid like some poorly made smoothies. Just be careful of brainfreeze.

This crêperie’s only problem is that it very busy during the lunch time, I would recommend calling your order in or going off hours. I would strongly recommend against the “starch bomb” “Coconut Curried Potato” on the menu, I ordered this not thinking and as Suzanne suspected, its too much starch in one place. Also of note is the whimsical interior and wrought iron 3-prong forks, they’re also a fondue bar during the evenings (I need to find a cheese-lover to go with).


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2 Responses to “Skinny Pancake – Crêpe Cake, Smoothie”

  1. chef chick Says:

    kudos for the appearance of green veg! coconut curried anything rings my bell. no good? one of those good in theory but not in execution. I did some curried red lentils last week. mmmmmmm yum

  2. Kristen Young Says:

    i LOVE Crepes! MMMmmmm and i LOVE smooties too!! BONUS!

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