Beansie’s Bus – Michigans and Small French Fry

Beansie's Bus - Burlington Vermont
Beansie’s Bus – Burlington Vermont

Beansie’s Bus is back! This food bus is an institution. Speaking of institution I was taking care of some parking business at the Burlington Police station next door, Beansie’s made the trip much more palatable.

Battery Park - Burlington Vermont
Waterfront Park – Burlington Vermont

Battery Park overlooks Waterfront Park, it’s an awesome view of the lake while eating your lunch. Notice the seagull… more about that later.

Beansie\'s Bus - Michigans and Small French Fry
Beansie’s Bus – Michigans and Small French Fry

First let’s talk fries, Beansie’s are the best in town, yes even slightly better than Al’s French Frys. Deep golden brown hand-cut wonders of the deep frier. These fries stay crisp during their entire brief duration on earth. They taste like the oil isn’t changed too often resulting in a rich flavor, but not contaminated tasting. Make sure to hit these guys with a couple shots of vinegar at the counter.

I think Beansie’s may have introduced me to Michigan hotdogs, or Michigan’s for short. Apparently Michigan’s are a bit of New England food, known in Michigan as a “Coney Island Dog.” A “Michigan” is a hot dog with Michigan sauce on it. The sauce is like a cross between chili and sloppy Joe sauce. The sauce is slightly spicy, has onions in it, hamburger, and some sort of slightly sweet tomato base. I ordered mine with extra raw onions, then finished the dogs with a stripe of ketchup and mustard. The steamed hotdog is kind of plain, but in a Michigan it’s a great counterpoint to the flavorful sauce.

It was $3 for a Michigan and $3.50 for the fries, the Beansie’s cook rounded it up to $10 for 2 Michigan’s and fries.

Battery Park Seagull - Burlington Vermont
Battery Park Seagull – Burlington Vermont

Watch out for the seagulls! They’re notorious for stealing food. Apparently last summer there was a “sick” seagull speaker installed, to help ward of the pesky aviators. I was sitting on the wall of the park, and there were seagulls on both side eyeing my lunch and coming closer. The Champlain Lake + Beansie’s is also a strong draw for obnoxious seagulls as well. My friend used to colloquially refer to seagulls as “dump turkeys”; these seagulls seem to have pretty good taste.


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8 Responses to “Beansie’s Bus – Michigans and Small French Fry”

  1. Brian Says:

    If you want “the real thing” come to Montreal and visit either “Lafleurs” or “La Belle Province”.( My personal preferance is La Belle Province.)
    The fries, the Hot Dogs, the Michigans, The Hamburgers, The Poutine,…all are simply mouth watering and available at very reasonable prices( a little lower than those at Beansie’s)….So come on up and enjoy and remember WE LOVE AMERICAN MONEY!!!

  2. Colin Says:

    I just went there the other day it was great.

    Brian thanks for the suggestion, I have some friends in Montreal so I’ll have to take not and check that place out.

  3. Bob Says:

    Nice review Nick. Got to try the Beansie’s special. Also the Northern neighbor’s suggestions sound good too. I haven’t had a good poutine in a long time.

    There is a great article in Seven Days (a Vermont weekly newspaper – link below) on the history and origins of the Michigan. Rte. 9 through Plattsburgh is cholesterol alley for this delicacy and is worth a roadtrip.

    Bring your Lipitor.

  4. Bill Skog Says:

    The original Beansie was my grampa. My wife doesn’t understand why I don’t eat fries. The reason is simple once you have a beansie fry everything else is inferior

  5. BeasieTrashesBatteryPARK Says:

    Beansie’s creates so much trash & litter in battery Park, a public place they make a living off of, and give nothing back to the community; Except overpriced unsanitary grease and heart disease. =]

  6. Wally Says:

    As a kid in the 60’s. I lived on 20 Pearl street & battery Park was my backyard playground per say 🙂 . Oh How I miss the good ole days:( I now live in NY , but whenever I am in VT. I make “Beansie’s Bus – Michigans and Small French Fry” my first stop lol 🙂

  7. MBA Life: Finances. How we afford business school. | Veronica Armstrong Says:

    […] because it just isn’t our thing. It saved us a ton of money. We got married in front of a schoolbus turned cheeseburger stand by a justice of the peace in front of Lake Champlain. It was perfect and […]

  8. Ger Says:

    Beanies doesn’t’ trash Battery Park. It’s the people who leave their trash! I’ve been going to Beansie’s for 40 years. It’s an institution I hope never goes away! They do have the best fries. It’s been a part of Burlington culture for more years than I’ve been around. Seagulls are a part of every outside eatery on the waterfront. If there is food, they will be there. Can’t blame Beansie’s for it. If you don’t like the facts, just stay away. Can’t wait for your fries again this year too!

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