Speeder and Earl’s – Double Espresso

Speeder & Earl's - Church Street, Burlington Vermont

Speeder & Earl's - Church Street, Burlington Vermont

I’m taking a few classes this fall, which means I will be drinking caffeine; I like mine in espresso flavor. Speeder & Earl’s are local Burlington Vermont coffee roasters, they have a narrow little cafe on Church st.

Speeder & Earl's - Double Espresso

Speeder & Earl's - Double Espresso

$1.85 will buy you a smooth double-shot, nice crema. Depending on who the barista is, the shot may be slightly imperfect but the average result is excellent. My only complaint is they’re not open before 8am.


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2 Responses to “Speeder and Earl’s – Double Espresso”

  1. amyletinsky Says:

    Hey Nick. Good to see your posts again. This is a fun coffee place, always hopping with students. What’s with it not being open before 8! That just wouldn’t fly here in Seattle.

  2. Colin Says:

    I agree great to see a update here, I really enjoyed reading your past reviews. I also have to agree with Amy, how crazy is it for a coffee place to not be open really early in the AM? You would think they would at least open at 7 if not 7:30 AM.

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