Champlain Orchards – Cider Donuts (@ City Market)

Champlain Orchards - Cider Donut

Champlain Orchards - Cider Donut

At City Market a new fall arrival, cider donuts from Champlain Orchards of Shoreham Vermont. I love Cider Donuts. River’s Edge Coffee Shop and Grill (RIP) had the best crispy, unctuous fried cider donuts, I’m looking for a new cider donut provider.

Champlain Orchards offerings are good, the cinnamon / sugar coating works well, however I prefer my cider donuts straight-up.  These also are not crispy, but were very moist and have some cider flavor.

$.89 per seems pricey since these donuts are smaller than “standard” donut size. I’m not aware of another cider donut vendor in town, so to get your fix head to City Market.


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3 Responses to “Champlain Orchards – Cider Donuts (@ City Market)”

  1. amyletinsky Says:

    I’m so missing all the apple cider seasonal goods this time of year…including the donuts. We have cider, but that’s about it. The Washington folk need to get more creative with their apples.

  2. whats4lunch Says:

    hmm some Cold Hollow donut mix, not sure if you do any deep frying?

  3. Chef Chick Says:

    do you notice the champlain islands smell of cow poo?

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