Daily News – Zagnut Bar (Found!)

The Daily News on College street in Burlington Vermont is a news stand / sandwich shop. They feature inexpensive sandwiches from KKD and I recently discovered they carry Zagnut bars!

Daily News - Burlington Vermont

Daily News - Burlington Vermont

Zagnut Bar

Zagnut Bar

Zagnut - Detail

Zagnut - Detail

The rare beast is made by Hershey and is extremely hard to find. Toasted coconut wrapped better than butter-finger peanut candy layers. There is no chocolate is this sweet bar of goodness. There is some slight sticking to the teeth, however it is manageable.

Daily News is cash-only and the Zagnut bar is $1. Daily News can maintain this high price due to that fact they have cornered the Burlington Vermont Zagnut market. However a $1 beats the alternative Ebay price.

As a couple readers pointed out, $1 is sadly the current price of candy bars.


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8 Responses to “Daily News – Zagnut Bar (Found!)”

  1. Susan Says:

    I like your blog, but it should be “due” not do. And is $1 expensive or a good deal? It’s hard to tell from what you wrote.

  2. whats4lunch Says:

    Duly noted, edits made.

  3. Colin Says:

    Currently candy bars in vending machines where I work in in VT are now $1, so I would say it’s an average price.

  4. whats4lunch Says:

    I stand corrected, stopping in a different store last night the candy was $1. Go food inflation!

  5. amyletinsky Says:

    this must be a very special candy bar to be worth this much effort. time to find myself one in Seattle…

  6. Chef Chick Says:

    I have heard Letterman reference the Zagnut but I thought it was some urban legend candy.

  7. Insurance Telemarketing Says:

    Zagnut. The underrated candy bar of my childhood. I thought it was a long forgotten relic of the past. Thank you for this amazing discovery and post. Now, give me some of that candy bar!

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