Cheese’ n Crust SouperstaR – Burlington Vermont

Chees' n Crust SouperstaR - Burlington Vermont

Cheese' n Crust SouperstaR - Burlington Vermont

It looks like the old Klingers bakery shop, has a new tenant “Cheese’ n Crust SouperstaR”. I love the copper patina facade, and I’m curious what their take on grilled cheese is. It seems like the winter is a good time to open a soup and grilled cheese shop.

With the spate of recent closings, I’m happy to see a new opening.


Did anyone happen to notice the name appears to be a play on words?

Jesus Christ Superstar
Chees’ n Crust SouperstarR

Cheesy, yet titularly funny at the same time.


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6 Responses to “Cheese’ n Crust SouperstaR – Burlington Vermont”

  1. joemescher Says:

    My boss just grabbed lunch from the SuperStar, I’m waiting to hear her verdict but it looks like a tasty place to find a cup of soup!

  2. amyletinsky Says:

    That name cracks me up! Thanks for stopping by the site and letting me know about it. It’s great to hear from you! I wish I could be a patron of this place because it looks just like my kind of thing, especially with a name like that!

  3. alex Says:

    The soup is indeed tastey; they have a rotating menu of soups and between 8-10 each day. I have not tried their grilled cheese, but they offer a few different breads, many cheeses and even meats/dressings for them if you like that kind of thing (honey mustard and ham on grilled cheese… mmmmmm)

  4. alex Says:

    oh, and to add to that they also donate a bowl of soup (i believe to the food shelf or something) for every purchase as well.

  5. Tom Says:

    Was in the mood for grilled cheese, immediately thought of the souperstar (since Nectar’s no longer has grilled cheese on the menu), am eating honey whole wheat with cabot cheddar and honey mustard with a cup of chicken vegetable as I sit here and type. Can’t go wrong with cabot cheddar, bread could have been toasted longer, its kinda soggy, I like my grilled cheese to be crunchy. Soup is tasty, no complaints there. For $7.43 I think I’d like my grilled cheese to be done right. I certainly compliment their charitable soup contributions. Anyone have suggestions for another downtown grilled cheese place?

    • whats4lunch Says:

      @Tom – Rooney’s across the street on the corner seems to have a “grilled cheese menu” likely in response to Cheese’n Crust SouperStar’s offerings.

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