Baking (Dakin) Bacon – How-to

Dakin Farm - Bacon

Dakin Farm - Bacon

A couple readers have asked me if I cook. The answer is yes, especially when something is interesting to me; to help explain have a look at this comic.

In addition I feel somewhat obligated to recommend a cooking method for the Dakin bacon I proselytized. This Dakin product is thick cut bacon, so while the microwave oven can be ideal for “normal” cut bacon, both microwave energy and the fry pan proved ineffective for thicker cuts. So begins the first Whats4lunch how-to.

In addition to my own experiences Alton Brown recommends cooking bacon in the oven. Although he suggests using a rack, I found that to be unnecessary.

Bacon on foil-lined sheet pan

Bacon on foil-lined sheet pan

I like using a foil-lined edged pan for easy clean up. I pre-heated my small gas oven for 375F.

Bacon pre-flip

Bacon pre-flip

I like giving the bacon a flip half way through (I use a fork), around 12 minutes in. More important than the using the cooking time to decide when to flip, is to look for the golden outline of cooked fat on the foil, and slight foam coming off the bacon. The ends of the strips may be curling up a bit and the pork will be just slightly stiffer than when it’s raw. An advantage of Alton’s rack technique would be the elimination of the need for the flip, since the bacon would be suspended on the rack leaving convection cooking to cook both sides.

Done bacon in the oven

Done bacon in the oven

When the bacon is done it will be almost completely covered in foam as shown. This took about 22-24 minutes in my oven at 375F including time out for the flip. Also note the color change in the bacon and particles on the foil as telling clues to doneness. Finally the bacon should be fairly stiff, but not the level of complete rigidity of done pork belly. The bacon will cook just a little bit more while you’re transferring it to paper towels, where it will finish cooking.

bacon - final product

bacon - final product

One nice thing about cooking bacon in a sheet pan, is it doesn’t curl significantly, making it easy to work with for sandwiches and presents nicely on a plate.

If you get this method right, the fat will be crispy and meat chewy, and it will be amazing. The crispy chewy thing, seems to be a pattern for me.


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4 Responses to “Baking (Dakin) Bacon – How-to”

  1. Chef Chick Says:

    I don’t flip my bacon in the oven. do you find it needs to be? I had some badass bacon in Vermont (as well as incredible vermont style pancake mix) in a snowy lodge room I was in. Yes I even cook on vacation.

    I can’t help myself.

    • whats4lunch Says:

      Yes I find that for what ever reason the pan provides some conductive heat. I’m theorizing that Alton Brown’s rack method, help eliminate some conductive cooking.

      A non-flip isn’t going to ruin, the bacon but I find it helps keep the crispness even.

  2. chef chick Says:

    bacon updates daily!

  3. dan Says:

    you said “fairly stiff”

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