What’s Twitter For? – Hong’s Dumplings updates!

Hong's Dumplings' Menu - Burlington Vermont

Hong's Dumplings' Menu - Burlington Vermont

The next time someone asks you what twitter is for, tell them it’s for Hong’s Dumplings Twitter updates:

Also there is a great writeup here and fun video blog here.


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2 Responses to “What’s Twitter For? – Hong’s Dumplings updates!”

  1. thefoodinsulter Says:

    Hey Nick!
    Great question about the Yuengling, its something which I’ve pondered many times, though I don’t really have an answer, for whatever reason I’ve never really looked into it. The only logical explanation is that Yuengling has some strict distribution parameters, which unfortunately exclude New England. This really makes no sense though as Yuengling is sold all over New York State. Hell, I even bought a 6er of Yuengling in South Florida last winter. It’s really surprising to me that they haven’t tried to distribute nationwide. Yuengling is by no means a microbrewery, and they definitely have the ability and demand to ship to Vermont. It’s a mystery.

    Where was the last place you enjoyed a delicious Yuengling lager?

    • Tyler Says:

      I took the Yuengling brewery tour a couple years ago. It’s entirely a distributor thing. They just didn’t choose one that services Vermont.

      Which is a huge bummer, because I really got to enjoy Yuengling during my undergrad in Syracuse. For the moment, it’s an occasional treat when I venture into New York state and come back with a twelve pack.

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