Kountry Kart Deli (KKD) – Where are you? / Philly on French

KKD Menu Specials <- PDF of KKD specials.

Kountry Kart Deli on Main Street in  Burlington Vermont is having “20th anniversary rollback specials.” But how would you know?

KKD doesn’t have any on-line presence: you’re doing it wrong!

Radio Deli is doing it right: http://radiodeli.blogspot.com/

Oh and here’s a picture of KKD’s large Philly on French Bread all the veggies (sautéed green peppers, onions, mushrooms) and provolone.

I’m going to recommend against provolone, it gets cold rather quickly and loses its’ melted consistency resulting in chewy cheese. American cheese is the default and has its’ rightful place on Phillys.

French bread is the way to go @ KKD, it’s nice and crusty. The Philly meat is also very good, sometimes it needs a little more chop, but is usually good. What’s inconsistent is the done-ness  of the veggies.

$8.82 with tax.

KKD - Large Philly on French bread with Provolone

KKD - Large Philly on French bread with Provolone


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2 Responses to “Kountry Kart Deli (KKD) – Where are you? / Philly on French”

  1. thefoodinsulter Says:

    As a purist, I mock any feeble attempt at a cheesesteak such as KKD’s seen above. I have though, out of desperation, ordered one on occasion. And as you note, French bread is key. Koffe Kup Bakery’s makes some nice donuts, though their rolls are a far cry from sandwich worthy. Where art thou Cheeseteak cart?

    It does look good though!

  2. whats4lunch Says:

    Pro-tip, order the sandwich “well-done” to help ensure the veggies are cooked.

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