Radio Deli – Chili over rice and Brownie

Radio Deli - Burlington Vermont

Radio Deli - Burlington Vermont

Radio Deli is a lunch spot I like to hit up on Pearl Street when going to the post office or the mall. The proprietors are very funny conservationists and seem to be serious about providing good, inexpensive food for their customers.

Chili over rice with cheddar

Chili over rice with cheddar

I saw Cabot cheddar mac and cheese on Radio Deli’s blog but it was sold out by the time I got there. Instead I got one of my standbys “chili over rice” which comes with optional cheddar. It’s got a little celery, onions, green pepper, as well as lots of beans, meat and stewed tomatoes. The rice is white, and not over cooked (kudos).

Chili over rice with cheddar and Sriracha

Chili over rice with cheddar and Sriracha

I’ve found that the chili is much happier as pictured with the addition of Sriracha. The chili over rice is a great value @ $4.75 pre-tax.

Radio Deli - Brownie

Radio Deli - Brownie

Radio Deli takes their brownies seriously, and this is easily the best brownie for the money in town @ $.99 pre-tax.  There is the key micro crispy top layer, as well as small chocolate chunks to break up the texture; Well done Radio Deli.


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4 Responses to “Radio Deli – Chili over rice and Brownie”

  1. pam Says:

    Hi Nick:

    Thanks for the nice comments about the deli. Yeah, the Mac and Cheese sold out fast today. Sorry you missed it. We’ll have it back soon. I love your chili over rice art! I’ll try to get some Sriracha in so we can decorate the chili for you. Introduce yourself next time you are in. It’d be great to have a face to the name. I’ve read your blog for awhile and always enjoy it. (And the brownies are .99 tax included! Penny back for your dollar and a good chocolate fix)

    Pam Scanlon

  2. Colin Says:

    That looks great. I will have to be sure to check out this deli as it looks good.

  3. Colin Says:

    Thanks again for this recommendation. I just went there both yesterday(Daily Burrito) and today(Daily Chili w/ Rice) and both meals were really, really good. I’m surely going to turn this into a weekly stop.

  4. pam Says:

    Hey Nick:

    Just letting you know we got some Sriracha in so be sure to ask for it next time you’re in — and let me know how to pronounce it please.

    We also started a twitter feed, with a measly four followers so far. It’s


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