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Leunig’s Bistro – Vermont Pancake Napoleon

October 16, 2008
Leunig's Bistro - Burlington Vermont

Leunig's Bistro - Burlington Vermont

Church Street in Burlington Vermont is home to the only French restaurant that I’m aware of in the city of Burlington. Notice the the outdoor seating and pedestal heaters, Leunig’s Bistro even uses a tent to extend their outside seating in the fall.

Leunig’s is a bit of an institution, so much so that the owner renamed the building (I love the Art-Deco look of the building):

Leunig's Building - Burlington Vermont

Leunig's Building - Burlington Vermont

In the spirit of ordering something “Frenchy” I tried their Vermont Pancake Napoleon, brunch menu here.

Leunig's Bistro - Vermont Pancake Napoleon

Leunig's Bistro - Vermont Pancake Napoleon

Visually this is awesome, and slightly whimsical dish. Usually when I think of a napoleon I think of the French pastry. The pancakes are very fork tender, however I couldn’t decide if I should apply maple syrup? I of course tried it with and without. The Vermont Pancake Napoleon is rich enough that it doesn’t need maple syrup, but it does add to this dish.  It also fun to pour some syrup spilling over the edge of this tower.

The savory Vermont meat and cheese were very nice as expected. The Napoleon proved to be a little small, and at $14 it’s the highest priced item on the brunch menu. It’s fun to try and look at, but over priced.

The double espresso size however was generous (sorry forgot to take a picture). A valid complaint my brunch-buddy voiced was Leunig’s doesn’t offer any pastries with brunch. I will be back to try something things on the brunch menu, and I do recommend Leunig’s for dinner.


Henry Street Deli Mart – Coffee & Breakfast sandwich

September 30, 2008
Henry Street Market - Burlington Vermont

Henry Street Market - Burlington Vermont

Henry Street Deli Mart is located coincidently on Henry Street in Burlington Vermont. Its close proximity to UVM makes this hidden gem a favorite of students. HSM used to known for not having anything on the shelves, it almost seemed like a cover operation for something else. They NOW have charcoal in the summer, a full deli featuring local McKenzie meat, American FlatbreadLa Panciata bakery bread, nice selection of beer and wine thanks to the new owner.

Henry Street Market - Small Coffee

Henry Street Market - Small Coffee

Excellent coffee is served fresh before 8AM from Vermont Artisan Coffee company, a “small” 12oz? is $1.25, a “large” 16oz is $1.50.

Since the geese are flying south:

Geese Flying South - Burlington Vermont (City Market Parking lot)

Geese Flying South - Burlington Vermont (City Market Parking lot)

The coffee makes a nice hand warmer, in addition to its good taste.

Henry Street Market - Breakfast Sandwich (bacon, egg, cheese)

Henry Street Market - Breakfast Sandwich (bacon, egg, cheese)

For $2.70 you get either Mckenzie Bacon, Mackenzie sausage, veggie sausage, with egg and your choice of cheese on a toasted English muffin. While this is a bit pedestrian, I sometimes crave a little bacon in the morning and don’t have time to do a little cooking in the morning, and this sandwich it cooked well. The bacon and muffin are crisp, the egg is not over cooked with a hint of butter, I like to order Swiss with mine.

Final note: HSM used to carry Dinky Donuts, but I guess DD flew south (like the geese) to Middlebury.

Penny Cluse Cafe -“Sleepy Nate’s Biscuits, Fruit Cup, and Beef Quesadilla Special”

February 5, 2008

This Sunday I went back to one of my favorite spots Penny Cluse. One of the institutions at Penny Cluse is Sleepy Nate’s Biscuits:

Penny Cluse Cafe - Sleepy Nate’s Biscuits
Penny Cluse Cafe – Sleepy Nate’s Biscuits

The biscuits were perfect this time, slightly crunchy but not over cooked. The gravy is an herb gravy with green onions, very light and tasty, good hangover remedy. Sleepy Nate’s are fun to share, but get the “two biscuit” option as everyone seems to like this dish.

Penny Cluse Cafe - Fruit Cup
Penny Cluse Cafe – Fruit Cup

Have I reviewed this before? Yes, I’m reviewing the fruit cup again because the fruit changes (the blood orange was awesome), and I’m reiterating the point that you should get it when you go.

Penny Cluse knows Tex-Mex, and the special quesadilla is evidence of this:

Penny Cluse Cafe - Beef Quesadilla Special
Penny Cluse Cafe – Beef Quesadilla Special

Two layers of tangy beef, cheese, and fresh jalapenos on crispy fresh flour tortillas make this a winner. I had fun dunking my quesadilla into the nicely seasoned beans, but there is also a side of salsa ranchero (not pictured) that is included. In addition to beans, in the center of the plate is a yummy edible cabbage, cilantro salad / garnish.

The small fruit cup was $2.75, Sleepy Nate’s $3, and I believe the special quesadilla was $7.50, all before tax. 

Sneakers, “Apple & Cheddar Stuffed French Toast”

January 2, 2008

Last Sunday I was back to Sneakers in Winooski Vermont for breakfast / brunch. This time, I was intrigued my one of their specials:

Sneakers - Apple Chedder Stuffed French toast
Sneakers – Apple Cheddar Stuffed French toast, cranberry compote, scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top, side of eggs and bacon.

Bam! Sneakers has awesomely creative and tasty specials, I present these french toast as evidence. The cheddar wasn’t very noticeable, so the effect was something like french toast apple pie a la mode. The contrast in temperatures was nice. Also contrasting were the saltiness, of the toast (likely the cheddar), crispness of the toast, and the creaminess of the ice-cream. The cranberry compote served to bring a little acid into the mix, and blended well with the sweetness of the apples and ice-cream.

The eggs were fine (I forgot to order mine with cheese), and the bacon (4 pieces) was awesome, Sneakers consistently has some of the best bacon around (crispy but not dry). The coffee was the usual average, which is disappointing considering Blue Star Cafe is a couple doors down.

The special was a steal at $8.95 (it may have included coffee also).

Penny Cluse Cafe, “Baja Fish Tacos, Small Fruit Plate, Coffee”

December 10, 2007

Penny Cluse Cafe has a reputation of the best breakfast in town, when you go, be prepared to possibly wait up to 45mins. Area businesses are also open on Sunday so you can browse some stores during your wait. This past Sunday there actually wasn’t a wait, we were seated right away. Penny Cluse Cafe is located on the corner of Cherry St and South Winooski Ave in Burlington Vermont. First let’s talk about the coffee:

Penny Cluse Cafe, Coffee
Penny Cluse Coffee – Arguably the best coffee in town.

I believe that Penny Cluse serves New England Coffee Company’s Coffee. Perhaps more important than the coffee beans, is how it’s prepared and served. The beans are freshly ground at Penny Cluse, then immediately brewed, then promptly transferred to thermal carafes. The end result is a steaming, fresh, bottomless cup, that is refilled promptly by the waitstaff; I also love the classic green-stripe cups. The coffee is strong, but never bitter.

Penny Cluse Cafe, Small Fruit Plate
Penny Cluse Cafe – “Small Fruit Plate” -apple, mango, watermelon, papaya, banana, pineapple, pomegranate, grapefruit

The small fruit plate is perfect to share with someone,  as noted above, the fruit plate always contains an interesting mix of fruits. This is one of my favorite things to order Penny Cluse.

Penny Cluse Cafe, Baja Fish Tacos
Penny Cluse Cafe – “Baja Fish Tacos” Beer Battered Tilapia, flour tortillas, avocado salsa, mango, radish juliennes, pico de gallo, sour cream, black beans, lime

These are the best tacos around, and this is something that I love about Penny Cluse, random menu items from southern or southwestern US. The tilapia is perfectly crisp, the cilantro-lime combination plays off the chunks of mango. In flavor mix of this dish, the mango’s sweetness compliments the sweetness of the Tilapia, and the pine taste of fresh mango is not present. The Baja fish tacos come with a side of black beans, which I think typically are underseasoned, but they were perfect this time around.

The tacos are $10.50, coffee $1.50 and small fruit plate $2.75. I don’t know how well the tacos would do as take out, but they are a must try.

Sneakers, “Crab Cake Benedict with side of Grits”

December 4, 2007

Sneakers in downtown Winooksi Vermont is known for their great breakfast. I personally love their specials known as “Jump Starts” in their basketball-themed menu. This  last Sunday, I didn’t see any specials that I would care for so I ordered the Crab Cake Benedict off the menu.

Sneakers, Crab Cake Benedict
Hollandaise sauce, poached egg, crab and shrimp cake, fresh spinach, fresh tomato, english muffin (x2) with a side of grits.

This is a dish where it’s clear that all of the items are meant to be eaten together. The hollandaise and egg yolk from the poached eggs permeated everything, and nothing is too firm, so it very easy to get a nice forkful of all the ingredients.  The crab and shrimp cakes are nicely browned and meat / breading ratio is good (mostly meat). Suprisingly this dish isn’t a rich as it may look, I wish the picture was a little more infocus.

Grits; sneakers introduced me to grits, and I’ve become a convert, ordering grits instead of the good home fries. Grits are a corn based hot cereal, it took me a long time to figure out what my favorite topping for grits are. Cheese isn’t bad, but I perfer mine with rasberry jam, the texture is very similar. A note of caution on grits, they hold heat very well in this bowl it’s very easy to burn your mouth unless you’re careful, or eat them after you main dish like I did. But cold grits are no good as the nice “gritty” texture turns to rubber when cool.

Oddly one of the poached eggs was hardboiled, I’ve ordered this a few times and this is the first time, there’s been anything to quibble over. This dish is $10.50 before tax.