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Freebies on your Birthday ?

March 16, 2011

Boloco will give you a free burrito on your birthday if you sign up for their free loyalty card.

Ben & Jerry’s will give you a free ice cream cone on your birthday (I managed to get a small waffle cone).


Boloco – Orginal Buffalo Chicken (wrap)

August 27, 2010

Boloco is a ‘mini-chain’ with its’ only BTV location on Church ST. Boloco is a portmanteau of Boston and local. Initially I thought it was some mash-up of loco (crazy in spanish) and burrito (small donkey).

Boloco - Burlington Vermont

Boloco - Burlington Vermont

Boloco has requisite outside seating for the summer.

Boloco - Orgininal Buffalo Chicken - detail

Boloco - Orgininal Buffalo Chicken - detail

Boloco’s default chicken is thigh meat AKA dark, which means there is more chicken flavor to the meat, similar to chicken wings. The buffalo wing theme is continued with celery, blue cheese dressing, and Frank’s Redhot sauce. The rice serves as a base to collect the sauces. I’ve taken to ordering this wrap with brown rice and whole wheat tortilla to health it up a half step. Only negatives to this wrap are the lack of local ingredients and slightly gummy average tortilla.

Boloco wrap - foil detail

Boloco wrap - foil detail

One of the things Boloco touts is their peel and eat model of foil wrapping, which is said to increase mobility. At least for the ‘original size’ I don’t foresee myself walking done the street eating this, as I won’t be encompassing the circumference of the wrap in a single bite.

Inexpensive at $6.94 with tax and they have a ‘sandwich club’ reward card if you plan to frequent the establishment.

Of note: they also have smoothies.

Bueno Y Sano, Thai Chicken Burrito

December 18, 2007

Bueno Y Sano is the new burrito player in town. An article in local paper Seven Days had a write-up on their arrival. As noted in the article, this is the third Bueno Y Sano  (good and healthy in Spanish) location to open; the other locations are in college towns in MA. I too decided to try Bueno Y Sano’s Thai Chicken Burrito, but I came to different conclusions.

Bueno Y Sano
Bueno Y Sano – Replaces the sorely-missed Auggie’s Island Grill on College St in Burlington Vermont. The interior is very nice, they commissioned an artist to help with the aesthetics.

Bueno Y Sano, Thai Chicken (grande).
Bueno Y Sano, Thai Chicken Burrito (grande) – You have the option of ordering any of the wraps as a “grande”. Grande pictured, the normal size is roughly the size of a huge baked potato.

Bueno Y Sano, Thai Chicken (detail).
Bueno Y Sano, Thai Chicken Burrito  (normal size)- Marinated grilled chicken, Basmati rice, red cabbage slaw, and spicy Thai peanut sauce.

The wrap is almost in a ball shape (they tuck both ends of the wrap) which is unique. Immediately there is a nice coconut, mint?, Thai red pepper flavor from the sauce. The red cabbage is nice and crunchy, the chicken is breast meat, the basmati rice was an interesting choice.  However I normally associate jasmine rice with Thai food (a la New World Tortilla’s version, the basmati was nicely steamed but the choice of rice threw me off. Also noticeable missing from the sauce was peanut, this Thai sauce appears to be primarily coconut based. I was worried about the wrap disintegrating, but it held together well. Since there was a real dearth of peanut butter in the sauce, I decided to try the grande Thai Chicken Burrito a second day to be sure it wasn’t a fluke.

Bueno Y Sano, Thai Chicken Burrito (cabbage detail)
Bueno Y Sano, Thai Chicken Burrito (grande) drippings

Because of the roundish shape of the burrito, the grande size means that you’re going to have bites that are all one ingredient. I confirmed that there is a lack of peanut butter in the sauce, and was disappointed that the wrap was so sweet, despite being excited about possibilities of coconut and mint in the mix. Also, inexplicably there was romaine lettuce and sauteed spinach in the large version of this wrap, which was not advertised on the menu. Finally points off for not draining the cabbage this time around. My hands were covered in red cabbage juice, and as noted in the picture the wrap just fell apart at the end.

So if you order the Thai Chicken Burrito, order the normal size, and be prepared for a heavy coconut, faint peanut flavor. The normal size is $7, and the grande is $7.50, a filling-inexpensive lunch, but I don’t think I’ll order the Thai Chicken Burrito again as I know a better version exists. I will however be back to try some other of their menu options, which seems to be one of Bueno Y Sano’s strong suits.