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Junior’s – “Hot Wings” (dozen)

March 11, 2008

Oh hot wings, they’re always such a roll of the dice, but I can’t resist. I guess I have a bit of a chicken wing gambling problem. I love Junior’s so I thought I would try their recent menu addition.

Junior’s - Hot Wings (dozen)
Junior’s – Hot Wings (dozen)

Lots of celery on the side, but they forgot my side of blue cheese, which by the way I like for the veggies, not for the wings. Immediately after taking of the lid of the take-out tin there is wonderful, buttery, spicy, garlicky?! aroma. I could also see by the texture, these wings do not pass the two rules of chicken wing cooking, and tasting confirmed that.

The wing sauce is an interesting take on tradition hot sauce, the butter was well represented here. Until recently I didn’t know that butter was a component of hot wing sauce. Fresh garlic made up for the lack of traditional vinegar zing, I like this sauce a lot. However Junior’s needs to stick to their day job of awesome pizza and Italian food.

Also in Junior’s news, they have a new downtown Burlington Vermont location, home to the former Dunkin Donuts. Per the Junior’s website, the downtown location will open April 1st.

I believe a dozen wings were $8.99 pre-tax.


Church Street Tavern – “Honey Habanero Wings” & “Small Salad”

January 14, 2008

Last night I was watching the Food Network last night and caught an episode of “Throwdown with Bobby Flay“, nice write-up here about the Buffalo Wing battle. This of course made me think about my own favorite wings (other than the free ones at RJ’s). The Church Street Tavern is in fact located on Church Street in Burlington Vermont.

Church Street Tavern - Burlington Vermont
Church Street Tavern – Burlington Vermont

Church Street Tavern - Hony Habanero Wings (dozen)
Church Street Tavern – Honey Habanero Wings (dozen)

This wings are nice and crispy, fat rendered, cooked perfectly. These are also large wings, you could probably order the small (6 wings) order and be OK for lunch. I usually dislike Habanero peppers, but here the heat and flavor of Habanero is a perfect foil for the sweetness of the honey: sweet and heat! The wing sauce is unique and captivating, so I haven’t really tried the other flavors on the menu, but I hear they’re good. There is also a generous amount of celery and blue cheese / ranch dressing included.

Church Street Tavern - Wet-naps
Church Street Tavern – Wet-naps

Another sign Church Street Tavern takes their wings seriously is the inclusion of wet-naps and plenty of napkins. While the wings were awesome (as always), the salad had dressing issues.

Church Street Tavern - Small Salad
Church Street Tavern – Small Salad

Kudos for the nice wheat? roll and Cabot butter. The requested balsamic dressing was sweet, and not good, I actually threw out the salad because I didn’t have any other dressing (In retrospect I should have re-used dressing sides from the wings).

The wings were a little pricy at $8.95 (cost is the reason the wings are not my number 1), and the small salad was $3.95.

Wings Over Burlington, “Red Alert & Teriyaki wings”

December 20, 2007

Wings Over Burlington, is the newest franchisee in the Wings Over chain. They are located in the “Blue Mall” across from the University Mall in Burlington Vermont. I’ve been keeping my eyes open to find a chicken wing joint that would replace the quality once found at the now defunct Bandit’s Wings.

Wings Over Burlington
Wings Over Burlington – Stepping up to the menu

The interior is very clean featuring diamond-plate on the walls, silver metal chairs, silver metal tables, (as well as high-def TVs). It’s like a sports bar feel with no booze, and less kitsch (sublte airplane interior). What is a little kitschy is the airplane themed menu. I ordered the “puddle jumper” which is 10 wings.

Wings Over Burlington, Red Alert and teriyaki wings
Wings Over Burlington – Red Alert (hot) and teriyaki wings

As seen in the picture, cool metal table, all-important paper towel roll, side of celery, and interestingly there is an option to order two flavors at once (5 each). The red alert sauce is good, medium spicy, tastes like standard Frank’s Red Hot with more of a tomato sauce base. The teriyaki sauce was little bland, but this may be in part due to eating the “red alert” hot wings first. The wings were a little crispy, but failed the #1 rule of wings… chicken fat must be fully rendered. So despite the favorable hot sauce, I didn’t care for these wings. It’s disappointing that a wing “specialist” would under-cook their wings, my office-mate confirmed his wings were cooked even less than mine (no crispness).

This may be opening week jitters, so I may give them a second chance in the future. The “puddle jumper” 10 wings, was ~$7.50 with tax.

RJ’s (Reuben James) Wings

November 16, 2007

Chicken wings are one of those things that can be either amazing or awful, and not really too much in between. Chicken wings are one of the foods that need to be cooked correctly, sadly few restaurants do this.
Chicken wings must:
1) Have the chicken fat fully rendered
2) Be crispy.
While it is certainly is possible to over cook the chicken wings, resulting in dry meat, the vast majority of the time the wings are undercooked with plenty of gross slimy chicken fat on them.

Now that being said, RJs (Reuben James) in downtown Burlington Vermont, knows how to cook wings, and it just so happens that they have FREE hot wings Friday and Saturday evenings.

RJ’s Famous Free Hot Wings
So while the hot sauce may lack depth, they are generally well cooked, which is more important. Ironically, the hot wings tend to be best during the free nights, as the chefs tend to still cook the wings in large batches out of habit during the week.