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City Market + Burlington Telecom = Free Food

October 7, 2008

Check my math: if you are a current Burlington Telecom subscriber you can show your bill, and pay $15 for a new lowered annual City Market membership. With this membership you receive a $25 City Market gift card, net $10!

Likewise if you’re a current City Market member, you will get a discount on your first BT bill if you sign up for new Burlington Telecom service.

Champlain Orchards – Cider Donuts (@ City Market)

October 2, 2008
Champlain Orchards - Cider Donut

Champlain Orchards - Cider Donut

At City Market a new fall arrival, cider donuts from Champlain Orchards of Shoreham Vermont. I love Cider Donuts. River’s Edge Coffee Shop and Grill (RIP) had the best crispy, unctuous fried cider donuts, I’m looking for a new cider donut provider.

Champlain Orchards offerings are good, the cinnamon / sugar coating works well, however I prefer my cider donuts straight-up.  These also are not crispy, but were very moist and have some cider flavor.

$.89 per seems pricey since these donuts are smaller than “standard” donut size. I’m not aware of another cider donut vendor in town, so to get your fix head to City Market.

City Market – “Pesto Chicken Sandwich” & “Dried Apricots”

February 27, 2008

Ah City Market one of the Burlington Vermont epicenters of hippie, hipster, loca/localvore, foodie food. I like City Market, there is a great selection of local foodstuffs, and produce. This results in a spendy, but tasty grocery haul. I recently gleaned from some of my friends that they’re big fans of the pesto chicken sandwich, I was immediately reminded of my own favorite pesto infused sandwich from Sugarsnap. I was suprised I hadn’t tried City Market’s sandwich counter, as I shop there and sometimes will even get a breakfast sandwich from their morning buffet.

City Market - Burlington Vermont
City Market – Burlington Vermont

Pesto Chicken Sandwich - City Market
Pesto Chicken Sandwich – City Market

Choice of Klingers bread (I chose wheat), mesclun greens, fresh tomatoes, pesto (both sides of bread), grilled chicken (cold), fresh mozzarella. The pesto chicken sandwich is like an insalata caprese, with added chicken in a sandwich form. Everything is very fresh, there is a  nice balance of texture, the chicken breast has nice diamond grill marks, and has been run through a deli slicer? as it’s nice and thin.

I personally find insalata caprese to be a little bland, and just like the salad I found this sandwich a little lacking in flavor. Maybe some acid would help (balsamic dressing, dried cranberries?). On the positive side, this sandwich is massive, you could easily split it with a friend, and nosh on some of the plethora of baked goods from area bakers or some of the bulk goods as I did.

City Market - Dried Turkish Apricot Bulk Bin
City Market – Dried Turkish Apricot Bulk Bin

I chose dried Turkish apricots, one of my favorite natural snacks; I think apricots are much better dried than fresh.

The sandwich was $7.50 before tax, a good deal, I’ll be back to try City Market’s other sandwiches (their sandwich counter is in the baked goods end of the store).

The dried apricots are $3.99 a pound.