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American Flatbread, Burlington Hearth – Tri Tip Steak, Pablano Pepper Special

May 6, 2008

American Flatbread, Burlington Hearth – Burlington Vermont

This past Friday I went to American Flatbread: “Burlington Hearth”. This Burlington Vermont location of American Flatbread is apparently a licensed franchise. In addition of awesome flatbread, they have GREAT microbrew, and an extensive beer list (they also have wine).

Flatbread is an alternate to traditional pizza, it’s in the same universe but not the same. I haven’t yet made it to the “O.G.” location in Waitsfield Vermont. The flatbread cooked in a wood-fired oven, in the winter it’s a treat to sit near it.

Oddly American Flatbread only serves lunch on Friday’s so this is your only day to score some “bread”.

I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with the food (or brew) at Flatbread, they’ve very consistent, also of note their garden salad is very good / fresh tasting.

I order a “small” version of their Tri Tip Steak Pablano Special. The description from their website:

“Woodcreek Farm Chili Rubbed Tri Tip Steak, Pico de Gallo, Chive Creme Fraiche, And Sliced Pablano Peppers. $18.95”

American Flatbread Burlington Hearth - Tri Tip Steak and Palano Special (small)
American Flatbread Burlington Hearth – Tri Tip Steak and Palano Special (small)

I wasn’t aware of what tri tip steak was, so I did a little research. The steak was seasoned nicely and had nice beef flavor, it was a little chewy as well-done steak is which slowed down my inhaling of this pie. However the flatbread is chewy (and crispy!) so steak actually worked well. The pico de gallo and chive creme fraiche were not very noticeable. Some bites had a little kick creaminess which were likely the creme fraiche. The Pablano peppers were delicious but I wish there were more of them on the bread.

The small pie was $11.45 with tax, the normal menu small pies are in the $9-$10 pre-tax. I’ll be thinking about going back next Friday.