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Euro Corner Closed? August First Open?

October 21, 2009
Euro Corner - Burlington Vermont (closed)

Euro Corner - Burlington Vermont (closed)

I have sad news sopressata fans, it looks like Euro Corner is closed. It looks like you can purchase sopressata at the associated Euro Market.

I moped my way next door to August First a new bakery / cafe / deli. In the above picture it’s on the left.

I chose the curried chicken salad sandwich:

August First - Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

August First - Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

The baguette was great, crispy and chewy, without feeling like a jaw muscle workout. The chicken salad was good, August first appears to use the whole chicken instead of just the breast so the texture is a bit different that you might be accustomed to. The slightly tart cranberries are a nice counterpoint to the curry. The balsamic vinegar salad dressing was awesome, nice emulsion, and very fresh tasting. ~$9.00 with tax.

It’s definitely worth checking out, and they’re in a nice space.

August first appears to be hitting the social media with updates, kudos for that effort.

Hopefully they’ll add sopressata to the menu.


India House, “Chicken Kashmiri, Spinach Naan, Vegetable Samosa”

November 28, 2007

Burlington Vermont is home to two good Indian restaurants: Shalimar of India and The India House; today I went to The India House. One caveat about India House is the parking is not obvious, as there isn’t really a place to park on Colchester Ave. Parking is to be had on the East Ave side of the restaurant.

Chicken Kashmiri ( lunch size with basmati rice)
Chicken Kashmiri (lunch size with basmati rice). Kashmiri is chicken curry cooked with peaches and raisins.

India House, Chicken Kashmiri, lunch size with basmati rice, detail
Peaches and chicken seem like an unlikely combination in this spicy curry, however the combination is awesome. I chose to get my Kashmiri “hot” and today is was indeed spicy, the rice helps cool it down a little, and the rice also enhances the flavor of the curry. The chicken is your average, mostly dark chicken meat that is common to Indian food. The “spice” is very nice, and almost too hot this time around.

India House Spinach Naan
Naan is essential to me with Indian food. Naan is a chewy traditional flat bread, and it is often stuffed with something such as spinach.

India House Spinach Naan, detail
The spinach is fresh and the Naan is a great way to cool your mouth down, or dip into the curry to get some more heat.

India House, Vegetable Samosas with Sauces
Vegetable Samosa (two per order), spiced potatoes, peas in herbs in a deep fried turnover. The sauces come standard with samosas. The brownish sauce is a sweet rasin sauce, which is awesome, the greenish sauce is a mystery to me. The green sauce, I believe has a yogurt base and it slight spicy, I much prefer the rasin sauce on the samosas.

India House, Vegetable Samosas with Sauces, detail
The filling was a fairly deep brown-orange color, which I should have known meant spicy. India House actually made my samosas spicy to match my spicy curry, kudos for them for doing that and making everything fresh. The crispy outside shell was a little thick, some bites were all shell. These samosas are much better than what you’ll find in a store, but I think like the Shalimar’s samosas a little better (better shell\filling ratio, and lighter tasting shell).

All three items came to $12.66 with tax, which seems a little expensive, but I had ordered too much food. I would recommend both the Kashmiri and the Naan for lunch, and order the Samosas another time.