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Martone’s Market and Cafe – “Billy” Sandwich

February 26, 2008

Martone’s is a little deli, “market and cafe” at the 5 corners in Essex Vermont.

Martone’s Market and Cafe - Essex Vermont
Martone’s Market and Cafe – Essex Vermont

Besides subs, Martone’s also has a nice selection of steaks; I think I’ll be picking some up once the snow melts to throw on the grill.

Martone’s - Billy Sandwich - (half, front)
Martone’s – Billy Sandwich – (half, front)

I like egg salad, something that I don’t bother to make for myself for some reason. Anyway, someone named “Billy” has similar taste to me, I ordered his namesake sandwich Egg salad and bacon, it kind of like being indecisive if you want breakfast or lunch, so you settle for a sandwich with breakfast elements. The egg salad yummy, green onions, and chunks of egg. The bacon is SO crispy, a nice contrast to the smooth egg salad. Finally I added sprouts and tomato to the freshly baked wheat bread. 

Take note:  If this is your first time at Martone’s I would recommend ordering a small sandwich, unless you would like some leftovers. Martone’s is notorious for their piled-high sandwiches. Here is the back side of my half sandwich:

Martone’s - Billy Sandwich - (half, back)
Martone’s – Billy Sandwich – (half, back)

The half Billy was $7.25 with tax, I’ll be back to when I need my egg-salad fix.


Cheese Outlet Fresh Market – Mac and Cheese of the Day (Black Bean), Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

February 19, 2008

…And we’re back. About two weeks ago (ahem), I was dropping off some old electronics at Recycle North on Pine Street in Burlington Vermont and decided to pick up some lunch up the street. Also on Pine Street is Cheese Outlet Fresh Market, a bakery, market, and deli (and Cheese outlet).

Cheese Outlet Fresh Market
Cheese Outlet Fresh Market – The pictured picnic bench is nice place to eat lunch (during the summer).

Cheese Outlet Fresh Market - Mac and Cheese of the Day (Black Bean)
Cheese Outlet Fresh Market – Mac and Cheese of the Day (Black Bean)

Mac and Cheese has a special place in my heart (probably my arteries), so I was psyched to see that Cheese Outlet Fresh Market has a Mac and Cheese of the Day. In retrospect it makes sense that a cheese store would have a mac and cheese of the day. In addition to the black beans there were also some trace amounts of peppers and tomatos, a slight tex-mex twinge to this classic. The choice of cheese was good, and it was an original dish… I liked it.

Cheese Outlet Fresh Market - Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
Cheese Outlet Fresh Market – Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

In addition to the deli side of the store I also visited the bakery side of the store. I selected the hazelnut bar from under the glass. This featured a shortbread base, hazelnut butter/ frosting?, WHOLE hazelnuts and chocolate ganache. The whole hazelnuts were interesting, as there was nice crunch, nut flavor to go along with the short bread base and layers of frosting. Of course chocolate hazelnut is a classic pairing, but this was a nice twist.

The mac and cheese was $7.99 a pound! A little steep. The chocolate hazelnut bar was $2.75.