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A Single Pebble – Dan Dan Noodles

October 22, 2008
A Single Pebble - Burlington Vermont

A Single Pebble - Burlington Vermont

Craving some Asian, I ventured over to popular Chinese dinner spot A Single Pebble on Bank Street in Burlington Vermont. A Single Pebble aspires to be more authentic than your average Chinese restaurant. Chef / Owner Steve Bogart spent years actually cooking in China.

A Single Pebble - Dan Dan Noodles (with Tofu)

A Single Pebble - Dan Dan Noodles (with Tofu)

I recently had ordered a shrimp dish at A Single Pebble; the shrimp were not cleaned which really turned me off. Despite the fact that preparation omission is perhaps in-line with being “traditional” as I’ve see uncleaned shrimp in one other Chinese restaurant, I was not pleased. But despite this small incident, I wasn’t going to give up on A Single Pebble as I’ve had good food there in the past. I just don’t think I’ll be ordering anything with shrimp in it there.

Dan Dan noodles unbeknown to me are a popular Chinese comfort food. I already love the combination of peanut butter and spice, so this dish is immediately accessible and delicious to me. I don’t usually order tofu, but I had chicken last night so I mixed it up. I don’t consider myself a “tofu eater” (I don’t think I’ve ever purchased it at the store) however this tofu was not slimy or rubbery. It has a nice density that made it manageable with the chop sticks, and nice texture.

A Single Pebble - Dan Dan noodle

A Single Pebble - Dan Dan noodle

The included chopsticks (the only utensil included!)  were narrow at the tips, surprisingly you can even pick up the half-skinned peanuts. The peanuts have a wonderful roasted rich flavor, the sauce is served over large rice noodles. There is a side of rice included sometimes, which I thought was superfluous but I guess If you order this dish “hot” you would need the rice to cool you mouth down. This 5 spice dish be default has a decent amount of heat due to the sichuan pepper however I may try order my Dan Dan “hot” next time.

At $8.88 with tax, I have added this dish into my lunch quiver.


Tiny Thai, “Chicken Satay, Pad Prik Khing”

January 2, 2008

Tiny Thai has expanded from its Essex Vermont location, to a new Winooski Vermont location (down the street from Sneakers). It had been a while since I had Thai food, so I decided to “Thai one on” for lunch.

Tiny Thai, Winooksi Vermont
Tiny Thai, Winooski Vermont

Tiny Thai - Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay, side of peanut sauce.

This is the best satay I’ve ever had. The chicken skewers (4) are marinated in coconut milk and spices (curry?), then grilled, it’s served with a slightly spicy peanut sauce, which has chunks of peanuts and more coconut milk. Other satay I’ve had doesn’t have any coconut milk in it, the chicken in this version is wonderfully moist and flavorful. I would almost consider ordering a double order of these and having that for lunch.

Tiny Thai - Pad Prik Khing
Tiny Thai – Pad Prik Khing

Pad Prik Khing apparently translates into stir-fried chili ginger. The carrots and green beans are nice and crisp, the Prik Khing curry paste has a nice texture, and nice heat. I think I may have become sensitized to fish sauce, as this dish was a little too “fishy” for me and I’ve enjoyed Pad Prik Khing in the past. It’s served with a nice portion of Jasmine rice.

The satay was $4.50 and the Pad Prik Khing was $5.95 before tax.

New World Tortilla “Thai Chicken” Wrap

November 22, 2007

New World Tortilla “Thai Chicken” Menu
The Thai Chicken Wrap is currently my favorite thing to eat for lunch. I order mine with extra scallions (no charge). Speaking of charge, bring cash, as New World Tortilla is cash-only.

New World Tortilla “Thai Chicken” Wrap
As mentioned in my chicken salad wrap post, The classic New World toasted tortilla. This tortilla is spinach, which doesn’t impart too much flavor, but is nice visually.

New World Tortilla “Thai Chicken” Wrap (inside)
Strips of grilled Chicken breast, toasted spinach tortilla, (fresh) ginger slaw, scallions, spicy peanut sauce (with Thai red pepper flakes), and finally jasmine rice (from a rice cooker).

This wrap is tremendous, it hits all “5 tastes”, you want to keep eating it to get the balance of all of the flavors and textures. This wrap made me realize that I love jasmine rice, and confirmed my love of peanut butter. It’s also tremendously large, and eating the whole thing may result in feelings of accomplishment, or possibly slight food-coma. The only slight unavoidable issue with this wrap, it that the very bottom of it starts to get a little soggy, meaning the end of the wrap can be a little messy. So good, and a great value!