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Radio Deli – Chili over rice and Brownie

February 10, 2010
Radio Deli - Burlington Vermont

Radio Deli - Burlington Vermont

Radio Deli is a lunch spot I like to hit up on Pearl Street when going to the post office or the mall. The proprietors are very funny conservationists and seem to be serious about providing good, inexpensive food for their customers.

Chili over rice with cheddar

Chili over rice with cheddar

I saw Cabot cheddar mac and cheese on Radio Deli’s blog but it was sold out by the time I got there. Instead I got one of my standbys “chili over rice” which comes with optional cheddar. It’s got a little celery, onions, green pepper, as well as lots of beans, meat and stewed tomatoes. The rice is white, and not over cooked (kudos).

Chili over rice with cheddar and Sriracha

Chili over rice with cheddar and Sriracha

I’ve found that the chili is much happier as pictured with the addition of Sriracha. The chili over rice is a great value @ $4.75 pre-tax.

Radio Deli - Brownie

Radio Deli - Brownie

Radio Deli takes their brownies seriously, and this is easily the best brownie for the money in town @ $.99 pre-tax.  There is the key micro crispy top layer, as well as small chocolate chunks to break up the texture; Well done Radio Deli.


China Express, “General Tso’s Chicken & Wanton Soup”

January 4, 2008

I was feeling a little under the weather, so wanting some soup I went to China Express on Shelburne road in Burlington Vermont.

China Express
China Express’s hard to miss sign.

China Express - Small Wanton Soup
China Express – Small Wanton Soup

I love wanton soup, I did something differently this time when eating it… I used chopsticks. This is a fun way to eat the wantons, I will probably do this again in the future. I like the addition of green onions in the soup, both on the flavor and visual level. The broth was a little bland, and the wantons had a flour-like texture, which isn’t great. That being said, I would probably order it again as I love wanton soup, but I’ve had better.

China Express - Small Wanton Soup (detail)
China Express – Small Wanton Soup (detail). Also of note a couple strips of pork in the soup.

China Express - fried chow mein soup noodles
China Express – fried chow mein soup noodles.

One of the few things included in the take-out bag were these soup noodles, these were indeed a good salty, crunchy addition in the soup, but not very good on their own. In addition to the soup I also ordered a Chinese food standby General Tso Chicken.

China Express - General Tso’s Chicken

China Express – General Tso’s Chicken

China Express does a good General Tso’s chicken, the battered chicken is slightly crisp, there isn’t too much batter, the sauce is not overly sweet and it has some acid, spice notes. General Tso’s is supposed to have some heat, and the heat was missing in this dish, I would recommend when ordering asking for the General Tso’s “spicy”. I also like the steamed broccoli edible garnishes. Also on the healthy note, you can order brown rice instead of white, which adds a little whole grain to this otherwise sinful dish.

Other things that I like about China Express, easy to get to from Exit 13 on the Interstate 89, awesome (recyclable?) lunch containers, complimentary tea while you wait (I grabbed a tea bag to go). I also like the fact that they don’t cram a bunch of the cheap condiments and plastic ustentials into the bag, letting you select your own.

The small wanton soup was $1.75 and the General Tso’s (lunch Size) was $4.75 before tax.