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Ray’s Seafood Market – “Crab-cake sandwich, side of Onions Rings”

March 28, 2008

I was had a crab-cake sandwich craving the other day, and decided to take a trip to Ray’s Seafood Market in Essex Vermont. Ray’s also has a Burlington location. Their restaurant looks like it belongs along the Maine seashore, pretty neat.

Ray’s Seafood Market - Essex Vermont
Ray’s Seafood Market – Essex Vermont

Ray’s Seafood Market - Crab-cake sandwich, side of Onions Rings
Ray’s Seafood Market – Crab-cake sandwich, side of Onions Rings

Plenty of crab-meat in this sandwich, but it was deep-fried (light batter). I much prefer pan-fried for crab-cakes, the texture is a lot different. That being said, it’s hard to find crab-cake sandwiches, that aren’t cut with shrimp around Vermont. I would have also preferred an option of a spicy remoulade sauce, instead of tartar. The tartar sauce was nice, it had some pickle relish in it, but admittedly I don’t really care for tartar sauce.

The onions rings were very good, and appear to be home made.

I believe the sandwich and side of ‘rings came to $8.40 with tax, very reasonable for seafood.