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Dakin Farms – “Dakin Bacon”

February 2, 2009

Dakin Farm in South Burlington, is home to the best bacon I’ve ever eaten. Colloquially I refer to it as “Dakin Bacon.”

Currently this bacon is on sale for $4.69 a lb (normally $6.49), during their “Smokehouse sale:”

Al’s French Fries – Double Cheese burger, hot dog, pint of fries.

April 2, 2008

Al’s French Fries - South Burlington Vermont
Al’s French Fries – South Burlington Vermont

Al’s French Fries as noted on their website, is a local institution. One of the first times going to Al’s French Fries, I remember my grade school classmates on a field trip choosing McDonald’s over “Al’s”. I was surprised; this is one of my earlier memories of seeking out better food.

Al’s French Fries - Double cheese burger, hot dog, pint of fries.
Al’s French Fries – Double cheese burger, hot dog, pint of fries.

Their fries are perfect hand-cut real potatoes, fried fresh in front of you, not over salted, crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside. Vinegar is on the all of the tables for the fries; Al’s is where I first learned of this french fry condiment. I got my food to go, in colder weather Al’s will also give you a box to put over your food. I look their take out box / tray. It soaks up the grease and prevents errant fries from escaping, also condiments can be mounded directly on the cardboard.

Other that the awesome fries, the double cheese burger was nice, tasting more “real” than a chain fast food alternative. It’s fun watching the grill / fry cooks produce your order right in front of you. Finally the hotdog was good as well, I’m glad Al’s now stocks sour kraut, I’ll bet this was a McKenzie dog.  Both the dog and burger buns are from the local Koffee Kup bakery on Riverside Ave in Burlington, the outside of the buns are toasted on the grill (dry) and produce a nice crisp bite when eaten.

The only french fries that touch Al’s are Beansie’s which is seasonal bus, parked near the Burlington Police station in the summer. I saw their bus about a month ago:

 Beansie’s -Burlington Vermont
Beansie’s – Burlington Vermont

Al’s is a must, you may also be able to catch one of their french fry stands around various events in Vermont, if you can’t make the trip to Burlington.

The double cheese was $2.69, the hotdog $1.29 + .50 cents for kraut, and the pint of fries $1.95 (all pre-tax). I should have one gotten a cup of fries, I had to give the rest of my fries away to my appreciative co-worker.

Vermont Sandwich Company – Patriot Sandwich

January 25, 2008

Vermont Sandwich Company is a local (as the name implies) sandwich shop. All of their sandwiches have high quality ingredients and breads. I tend to shy away from sandwiches that I can make myself, but there is on in particular at the Vermont Sandwich Company I’m fond of.

Vermont Sandwich Company
Vermont Sandwich Company – South Burlington Vermont

I went to the South Burlington Vermont location on Dorset Street in the Blue Mall (also home to Wings Over Burlington).

Vermont Sandwich Company - Patriot Sandwich
Vermont Sandwich Company – Patriot Sandwich

I chose to get my Patriot with wheat bread (comes on white), it is turkey breast, mayo, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. Of course this sandwich reminds me of eating left overs from Thanksgiving Day, which is pretty cool. The combination of flavors is classic, all of the ingredients are good, although I whish there was more cranberry sauce. I also wish the sandwich was a little bigger, so next time I may order mine on a wheat sub roll instead of bread.

This taste of Thanksgiving is $6.98 with tax

Marco’s Pizza – “Two Slice Special”

January 18, 2008

Marco’s Pizza is next to the Blockbuster on Williston Road in South Burlington Vermont.

 Marco’s Pizza - South Burlington Vermont
Marco’s Pizza – South Burlington Vermont

Marco’s is a great “Pizza and a Movie” place, I like to order my food and then go into Blockbuster to pick out the DVD, finally pick up the food at Marco’s. As far as lunch goes, they have a great pizza special that is hard to beat.

Marco’s Pizza - Garlic Slice and Pepperoni Slice
Marco’s Pizza – Garlic Slice and Pepperoni Slice

So two slices, one 16oz fountain drink… $4.25 with tax. This a very inexpensive satisfying lunch, a good way to balance  more extravagant lunch excursions.  The sauce is awesome, a nice balance of sweet and acid, there is also a rich tomato flavor. The mozzarella had good flavor and consistency. The crust however was slightly lacking, the garlic slice was mostly crispy and chewy, but the pepperoni slice was under-cooked. The pizza was still definitely edible as the crust is very thin, so it’s not gummy. 

If you love garlic, the garlic slice is for you. Multiple cloves of fresh garlic are served chopped on the slice. Enough garlic to keep away any vampires, and probably coworkers. The pepperoni is your average greasy goodness. Other than the phenomenally cheap pizza special, Marco’s pasta is good (again great sauce), and they make their own ciabatta bread.

Marco’s Pizza - Ciabatta Bread Rack
Marco’s Pizza – Ciabatta Bread Rack

The ciabatta bread rack is a cool thing to see as you walk in, it adds to the ambiance of Marco’s. Fresh ciabatta bread and good sauce, mean that subs are excellent here. Marco’s a nice, inexpenisive place for lunch.

Cheese Traders, “Brie & Bread”

December 28, 2007

Once every couple of months I like to make my way over to Cheese Traders on Williston road in South Burlington Vermont.  They have a tremendous selection of often inexpensive cheese, and a huge wine room down stairs, as well as many interesting snacks or cooking items.

 Cheese Traders
Cheese Traders – Right next to the Alpine Shop on Williston Road

Cheese Traders, Cheese Shelf
Cheese Traders – Cheese Shelf, this is about 1/2 the selection of cheese they have, at the end of the row, there is a sample counter where you usually can sample 4 cheeses or sauces that they’re selling that day.

Cheese Traders, Brie and Bread
Cheese Traders – Brie and Bread

For lunch I grabbed half a loaf of fresh, slightly crusty (when I go back I’ll get the name of the bakery) wonderful bread. I also grabbed some fromage d affinois Brie, there is a nice write-up here about the cheese. I learned something new about Brie when looking up this cheese online, there are three main varieties: Brie, double cream Brie, triple cream (Brillat Savarin) Brie. These three classifications, refer to the cream content of the cheese, nice write-up about it here.

The fromage d affinois was a little rich for my taste, I think I prefer single cream Brie. The bread was excellent I tore off hunks to spread the Brie on, and the rest of the bread was good the next day in the toaster. Both the bread and cheese came to under $6, and there was plenty left over for the next day(s).

Tommy’s City Grill “Philly Cheese Steak”

November 22, 2007

I love “Philly’s” AKA Cheese Steaks, not to be confused with the incorrect name “steak and cheese”. I have been on a bit of a mission to find the best “Philly” around town and I think I found it at Tommy’s City Grill in South Burlington, Vermont.

Tommy’s City Grill “Philly Cheese Steak”
I ordered a 12″ Philly, by default is comes with sauteed onions, green peppers, and pricey red peppers. I also added mushrooms to mine; the house mushrooms at Tommy’s are shitacki!

Tommy’s City Grill Philly Cheese Steak underside 2
The steak is nice and tender, no chewy gristle. American cheese shines in this sandwich, layered between the toasted roll and the steak and sauteed peppers and onions, the cheese flows through all of these elements.

Tommy’s City Grill Philly Cheese Steak underside
Also of importance is the roll, if you’ve ever had an “authentic” Philly, you’ll recognize the roll. Long, fairly narrow, with cornmeal on the bottom, the last two photos are of the bottom of the Philly. The roll is coated with oil or butter and toasted on the grill, giving it a slight crunch adding to the delicious texture. While the peppers and mushrooms may not be authentic, they add to this sandwich, it’s like having a slightly different sandwich with every bite combination.

The chef at Tommy’s City Grill went to school at NECI which may have a little something to do with this inspired sandwich. The 12″ is normally $8.75, with mushrooms added it’s just over $9.