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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Free Cone day (today)

March 23, 2010

Free cone day today 12PM -8PM.

Check out the madness from last year.

According to WCAX local Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter will be scooping her “Maple Blondie” flavor.

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Ben and Jerry’s – Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz (Waffle Cone)

May 19, 2008

Ben and Jerry's - Burlington Vermont

Ben and Jerry’s – Burlington Vermont

This Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop is smack in the middle of Church Street in Burlington Vermont.

Ben and Jerry's - Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz (waffle cone)

Ben and Jerry’s – Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz (waffle cone)

Since it’s summer time, I want to tell you about my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor: Coffee Coffee, Buzz Buzz Buzz. It’s only sold in scoop shops.

As a side note, Ben and Jerry’s has a crazy flash animation haunted house that you can enter from their flavor graveyard.

The waffle cones are made fresh, the ice cream is comprised of fair-trade coffee ice-cream with espresso bean fudge chunks. This is the zenith of coffee ice-cream. Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath bar is great, nice crunch but a little too sweet. It also doesn’t have the “buzz” factor, do to the caffine content in this desert.

 I asked for a “small waffle” cone, (meaning smaller amount of ice-cream), but I guess if you’re ordering a waffle cone you’re getting a lot of ice-cream. Get extra napkins because the ice cream will start to drip a tiny bit out of the button by the time you get to the end and if you’re like me, you’ll get it on your face.

The cone was a heart stopping $4.86 with tax.