Ruben James – Cheese Burger & Chicken Tortellini Soup

Almost a year ago I posted about some of my favorite wings at Reuben James in Burlington Vermont. Unfortunately they don’t also have free burgers, but they do have inexpensive ones.

Reuben James - Burlington, Vermont

Reuben James - Burlington, Vermont

I have a cold, so I ordered some chicken noodle(tortellini) soup.

Reuben James - Chicken Tortellini Cup

Reuben James - Chicken Tortellini Cup

The soup was decent, nice chunks of celery, some onion, chicken pieces and plain tortellini. I recently slurped some MSG infused classic Campbell’s Condensed chicken noodle, RJ’s broth was noticeable MSG free. However it’s not house made as confirmed by the staff, I’m guessing the soup is a Sysco product based on evidence of Sysco boxes in the kitchen. Also of note: locally made Westminster crackers come with.

Reuben James - Cheese Burger

Reuben James - Cheese Burger

Reuben James is open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, and they usually have a few sandwiches “on special”. Lately they’ve had their normally $5.50 cheese burger for $4.00 (come with chips + pickle). The cooking temp was more medium-well then medium, but it still had a touch of pink, and the burger is large maybe 1/2 lb affair. Djon mustard is available on request and the corn-mealed bun is fresh. Swiss cheese at no charge rounds out this bargain sandwich.

I rate the also inexpensive burger at VPB as slightly tastier and ethically sound (local beef), but in these pocket-pinching times a $4 cooked to order 1/2 lb.  burger is a welcome lunch choice. Oh and the cup of soup was $3.


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    Nice Post . . . I’m thinking about writing a reply actually or at least it got me thinking about some things I might want to write about . . . Art Of War

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