RJ’s (Reuben James) Wings

Chicken wings are one of those things that can be either amazing or awful, and not really too much in between. Chicken wings are one of the foods that need to be cooked correctly, sadly few restaurants do this.
Chicken wings must:
1) Have the chicken fat fully rendered
2) Be crispy.
While it is certainly is possible to over cook the chicken wings, resulting in dry meat, the vast majority of the time the wings are undercooked with plenty of gross slimy chicken fat on them.

Now that being said, RJs (Reuben James) in downtown Burlington Vermont, knows how to cook wings, and it just so happens that they have FREE hot wings Friday and Saturday evenings.

RJ’s Famous Free Hot Wings
So while the hot sauce may lack depth, they are generally well cooked, which is more important. Ironically, the hot wings tend to be best during the free nights, as the chefs tend to still cook the wings in large batches out of habit during the week.


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