Al’s French Fries – Double Cheese burger, hot dog, pint of fries.

Al’s French Fries - South Burlington Vermont
Al’s French Fries – South Burlington Vermont

Al’s French Fries as noted on their website, is a local institution. One of the first times going to Al’s French Fries, I remember my grade school classmates on a field trip choosing McDonald’s over “Al’s”. I was surprised; this is one of my earlier memories of seeking out better food.

Al’s French Fries - Double cheese burger, hot dog, pint of fries.
Al’s French Fries – Double cheese burger, hot dog, pint of fries.

Their fries are perfect hand-cut real potatoes, fried fresh in front of you, not over salted, crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside. Vinegar is on the all of the tables for the fries; Al’s is where I first learned of this french fry condiment. I got my food to go, in colder weather Al’s will also give you a box to put over your food. I look their take out box / tray. It soaks up the grease and prevents errant fries from escaping, also condiments can be mounded directly on the cardboard.

Other that the awesome fries, the double cheese burger was nice, tasting more “real” than a chain fast food alternative. It’s fun watching the grill / fry cooks produce your order right in front of you. Finally the hotdog was good as well, I’m glad Al’s now stocks sour kraut, I’ll bet this was a McKenzie dog.  Both the dog and burger buns are from the local Koffee Kup bakery on Riverside Ave in Burlington, the outside of the buns are toasted on the grill (dry) and produce a nice crisp bite when eaten.

The only french fries that touch Al’s are Beansie’s which is seasonal bus, parked near the Burlington Police station in the summer. I saw their bus about a month ago:

 Beansie’s -Burlington Vermont
Beansie’s – Burlington Vermont

Al’s is a must, you may also be able to catch one of their french fry stands around various events in Vermont, if you can’t make the trip to Burlington.

The double cheese was $2.69, the hotdog $1.29 + .50 cents for kraut, and the pint of fries $1.95 (all pre-tax). I should have one gotten a cup of fries, I had to give the rest of my fries away to my appreciative co-worker.


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4 Responses to “Al’s French Fries – Double Cheese burger, hot dog, pint of fries.”

  1. Mike Says:

    Speaking of McKenzie’s, you should cover 25¢ hot dog night at the Vermont Lake Monsters game that will be happening this summer. Quite a food experience, believe me! I went last year and now it’s going to be a yearly tradition.

  2. Dan Montanari Says:

    WTF dude! have you not gone out to eat in months? you’ve probably been to big fatty’s 5 times since you started that job. where’s the posts? im gonna remove your blog if you dont start updating it soon.

  3. janet Says:

    Yum, I grew up on Al’s French Fries and nothing can beat them!!

  4. Bob VB Says:

    What do you mean a pint was too much! There is no such thing as too much of Al’s French fries. I ALWAYS go for the Quart.

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