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Doughboy’s – Meatloaf Sandwich

November 7, 2008
Doughboy's Restaurant - Burlington Vermont

Doughboy's Restaurant - Burlington Vermont

Walking into Doughboys is like walking into an alternate strange albeit delicious universe. Doughboys is located on the edge of the Old North End (ONE) on Pearl Street in Burlington Vermont. Next door to the restaurant / diner is a bakery where they have doughnuts, I’ll have to review them in the future. The decor looks like it hasn’t been changed since the place opened in 1979, but coinciding with that the prices are extremely reasonable. The service at this family affair is very friendly.

Doughboys - Meatloaf sandwich

Doughboys - Meatloaf sandwich

I didn’t eat a lot of meatloaf growing up, so this comfort food is still novel to me. I like meatloaf in sandwiches with cheddar, lettuce, fresh tomato on toasted rye, ketchup completes the the sandwich. The meatloaf is griddled, super moist and has great onion flavor from the onions in the loaf. The sandwich comes with chips and pickles slices for an amazing $4.25 (before tax). I think the danger of going to Doughboys is that you feel like you can eat like a monarch and order too much food. The onion rings were OK, kinda bland I’ll probably try the fries next time as I wonder if they’re hand-cut? Admittedly I’m VERY picky about onion rings.

Doughboy's - Pumkin Pie

Doughboy's - Pumkin Pie

In true diner style there was pie available. The pumpkin filling had nice subtle spice to it, and the crust was good, however a little low on the flakeyness scale. I enjoyed the REAL whipped cream. I believe the pie was $2.50? Doughboys is fun to eat at, and the food is inexpensive, I’ll be back. I recommend exploring the Doughboys bakery as I don’t know any other place that makes doughnuts in Burlington (besides the poaching Dunkin Donuts across the street).

Champlain Orchards – Cider Donuts (@ City Market)

October 2, 2008
Champlain Orchards - Cider Donut

Champlain Orchards - Cider Donut

At City Market a new fall arrival, cider donuts from Champlain Orchards of Shoreham Vermont. I love Cider Donuts. River’s Edge Coffee Shop and Grill (RIP) had the best crispy, unctuous fried cider donuts, I’m looking for a new cider donut provider.

Champlain Orchards offerings are good, the cinnamon / sugar coating works well, however I prefer my cider donuts straight-up.  These also are not crispy, but were very moist and have some cider flavor.

$.89 per seems pricey since these donuts are smaller than “standard” donut size. I’m not aware of another cider donut vendor in town, so to get your fix head to City Market.

Rivers Edge Coffee Shop and Grill, “Dozen Donuts”

December 10, 2007

Rivers Edge Coffee Shop and Grill is located on Riverside Ave, in Burlington Vermont. They are located next to Sugarsnap. They serve breakfast, breakfast lunch, and killer donuts.

Rivers Edge Coffee Shop and Grill
Rivers Edge Coffee Shop and Grill – Riverside Ave, Burlington Vermont

River’s Edge, dozen donuts (baker’s).
Rivers Edge – Dozen Donuts

I asked for a dozen donuts and got a “baker’s dozen” of 14. These ambrosial unctuous donuts are the best I’ve ever had. Yes I have had Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme, these donuts are head and shoulders above chain donuts. I personally like the cider donuts, apple fritters and mini coffee rolls.

A dozen donuts are $6.50 with tax, and well worth it.