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Boloco – Orginal Buffalo Chicken (wrap)

August 27, 2010

Boloco is a ‘mini-chain’ with its’ only BTV location on Church ST. Boloco is a portmanteau of Boston and local. Initially I thought it was some mash-up of loco (crazy in spanish) and burrito (small donkey).

Boloco - Burlington Vermont

Boloco - Burlington Vermont

Boloco has requisite outside seating for the summer.

Boloco - Orgininal Buffalo Chicken - detail

Boloco - Orgininal Buffalo Chicken - detail

Boloco’s default chicken is thigh meat AKA dark, which means there is more chicken flavor to the meat, similar to chicken wings. The buffalo wing theme is continued with celery, blue cheese dressing, and Frank’s Redhot sauce. The rice serves as a base to collect the sauces. I’ve taken to ordering this wrap with brown rice and whole wheat tortilla to health it up a half step. Only negatives to this wrap are the lack of local ingredients and slightly gummy average tortilla.

Boloco wrap - foil detail

Boloco wrap - foil detail

One of the things Boloco touts is their peel and eat model of foil wrapping, which is said to increase mobility. At least for the ‘original size’ I don’t foresee myself walking done the street eating this, as I won’t be encompassing the circumference of the wrap in a single bite.

Inexpensive at $6.94 with tax and they have a ‘sandwich club’ reward card if you plan to frequent the establishment.

Of note: they also have smoothies.


Top of The Block Sandwich Shoppe – Southwest Chicken wrap

July 1, 2009
Top of The Block Sandwich Shoppe - Burlington Vermont

Top of The Block Sandwich Shoppe - Burlington Vermont

In honor of my iPhone 3G no longer being broken,  I thought I would update the blog. I like Top of the Block Sandwich Shoppe for two reasons:

1) Excellent chicken wraps

2) part of a weird internal mall.

It’s located ironically at the top block of Church Street in Burlington Vermont.

Top of The Block Sandwich Shoppe - Southwest chicken wrap

Top of The Block Sandwich Shoppe - Southwest chicken wrap

This was a special of the day: spiced chicken, black beans, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, corn, cheddar, all on a toasted/grilled wrap. $7.43 with tax and it’s yours.

I didn’t take any pictures of the internal mall, but the “Shoppe” and seating area opened up to a basement and second level containing various “shops”, very interesting.

New World Tortilla – Feb?

January 16, 2009
New World Tortilla - Feb?

New World Tortilla - Feb?

I’m having NWT withdrawals…

New World Tortilla – Relocating to Pine Street (Essex and Burlington)

December 3, 2008
New World Tortilla - Moving Sign

New World Tortilla - Moving Sign

The above sign is posted in NWT’s Burlington Vermont Location. As seen in the Seven Days article , NWT is moving here on Pine Street. Which is WAY down the road, near the Cumberland Farms. So the new location will be basically out of walking reach for down town Burlington. In addition to the move they’re closing their Burlington and Essex Vermont locations, leaving their UVM location open.

In fact their UVM location may have helped provide the motivation and capital to open the new location:

New World Tortilla made themselves known to students by selling over 62000 burritos from their location during the year

Another factor may be the influx of wrap proveyors. I’m happy for the owners who I always see hard at work, and I look forward to the new menu items. But I’m also sad that this wrap institution is changing and is moving away from down town Burlington.

Subtitle of the article should be: AKA how NWT plans to screw over your lunch plans. In protest, I’ll be eating this month as much as I can at the North Winooski location in a probably-vain attempt to prove this location profitable. This should prove to be a rather tasty protest.

New World Tortilla – New Prices, New Wraps

May 13, 2008

New World Tortilla - Essex

New World Tortilla – Essex

New world Tortilla now makes their own wraps, I’ve seen them make the wraps with my OWN EYES in the front window of the Burlington shop. It’s a nice distraction while you wrap is prepared. Fresh spinach can now be found in the spinach wrap. Not too much more spinach flavor, but the wrap is significantly more crispy and less gummy /soggy at the end of a Thai chicken wrap. More fresh spinach please!

New World Tortilla - Chicken Salad Special on new Cayenne Wrap

New World Tortilla – Chicken Salad Special on new Cayenne Wrap

The Cayenne pepper wrap is a home run with the chicken salad wrap, it has the perfect amount of heat to “kick it up a notch”.

Prices have gone up slightly at NWT, likely due to the new in-house wraps; It’s still worth it.

New World Tortilla’s Chicken Salad Wrap

November 16, 2007

New World Tortilla is one of my favorite lunch spots, they now have 3 locations. Original Burlington Vermont location, UVM, and now Essex Vermont. As the name implies “New World” has great wraps.
Chicken Salad Wrap
Pictured here is the Wrap, notice the large size, quarter for reference.

New World Tortilla’s Chicken Salad Wrap
This is the wrap, unwrapped. Something that is classic New World Tortilla (or New World for short) is the toasted wrap, and the little wax bag to hold the bottom of the wrap.

The Wrap after a few bites.

The toasted wrap means that it’s easier to bite into and you’re assured that you won’t get that gummy texture that sometimes comes from a cold warp. The chicken salad contains grilled chicken breast that is chopped and combined with fresh dill, halved red grapes, mayo and typically shredded romaine lettuce. This wrap has great texture, and great flavor. I like the fresh dill and sweet grape combination. The fact that the wrap is made with chicken breast means that it has different texture, than if the rest of the chicken were used. At one point this wrap was served with mesclun greens, which while they don’t have the same satisfying crunch of romaine, the slight bitterness of the greens was a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the grapes. I may request a romaine / mesclun mix next time if possible.

Fun with foil

Pictured above is a little fun with the recyclable foil, standing the wrap up while I get something to drink. At under six dollars this wrap is a steal, but only on Thursdays!